Friday, 30 December 2011

Put Away Your IOY's...

...and give God the time He deserves!

The other day, a friend was telling me how he gave a mutual friend an "I Owe You" for her birthday. A while later, I was thinking about this matter in relation to our heavily Father. We, ad procrastinating humans, have a tendency to give God "I Owe You's". "I don't have time for devotionals today... So I'll have to owe You one." "I can't make it to Bible study tonight; this test for school is really important. I'll study extra hard for the next Bible study to make up for it...okay?" But God, who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, deserves more than mere IOY's which we will probably never fulfill. He deserves everything - that includes our time, devotion and talents.

As the new year (I accidentally wrote "ear"!) arrives, don't forget to put "Time with God" on your 2012 Planner...or Google Calendar, iPhone, cell phone or computer - but most of all, on your mind and heart. Ask God to convict and guide you in the coming year (and beyond!) and give you a hunger and a thirst for Him and His word.

Happy new year! May you spend 2013 honoring and serving him.

Note: I am aware that since an IOY is a document "acknowledging debt", in that since we SHOULD give God an IOY because we can never repay the great Gift He gave us. BUT, we should do all we cab to repay Him, IOY's! (now that wasn't confusing at all, was it?)

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