Mis Libros

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to write!  I generally spend my writing my time working on children's novels, fairytale / romance, or this blog!  :) 

Through an amazing publisher and a charity, God gave me the opportunity to publish my first book, Tales of Cunburra and Other Stories, when I was ten years old.  This is a collection of stories mostly written at the age of nine.  The majority of the stories tell of a a magical world called Cunburra and the adventures of a teenage girl named Nancy.  For more information about this book, check out my website where this book is also available for purchase.  :) 

Last year my family and friends celebrated the release of my latest book, The Duck That Wasn't Really a Duck.  The back cover reads: Henry’s unhappy life changes for the worse when his dog Rex kills a duckling. In his attempt to hide the evidence, Henry tumbles into the river hitting his head and losing consciousness.  After Henry wakes up, he discovers he has a new identity – that of a duck.  A mother duck named Gemma mistakes him for her missing chick, the chick Rex killed.  When Henry insists he’s actually a human, the ducks and swans decide he’s insane.  While battling the many dangers of being a tiny duckling and learning the value of family, Henry longs to be human again.  Will he ever be able to go home or will he have to be feathered and “quacked up” forever?  

This book is available at amazon.com and my website (listed above).

With God's grace I hope to continue writing novels.  I'm currently working on a series a little different from the other books I've written.  :)  I'll probably blog about it once in a while!

Thanks for your friendship!  :)

P.S. Oh, and if you're wondering about the random Spanish... well... I'm learning Spanish, so I figured I might as well use it! :) 


  1. I'm 1lover from Wonderzone. You've actually had several books published?! You are so lucky! I wish I could. :(

    1. Hi, 1Lover! I am sooo sorry I never replied to this comment! Somehow it was marked as spam and I thought you had deleted it! Whoops!

      Anyway, you are so sweet! :) There are actually some really neat self-publishing services available to authors... so if you have a book you would like published, it's not too hard! :) You could check out lulu.com; I haven't used it personally, but several of my friends have.


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