Bucket List

A bucket list is made up of 100 (or in my case, probably more than 100) things one wishes to accomplish / see / do / etc. during their lifetime. In my case, some of them are silly and some of them are serious. Obviously this is all up to God so I'm cool with whatever He has planned for me, whether that includes the things on my bucket list, or not. :)

To Read
Read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 
Read the entire Horatio Hornblower series
Read Les Misèrables by Victor Hugo {December 2012 - April 6, 2013} 
Buy and read Fatal Purity (it's a book about Robespierre that I've been wanting for a long time...I just haven't gotten around to buying it) {Well, I bought it...}

To Meet
Meet Ben Barnes and / or get his autograph
Talk to Ken Ham and get his autograph 
Meet Alfie Boe 

To Make
Make a paper mache balloon
Make a pop tab bracelet
Knit a pair of gloves
Make a Starburst bracelet 
Crochet a pair of barefoot sandals 
Crochet a flower 

To Visit
Visit the Answers in Genesis lifesize ark (once it's built)
Visit Versailles
Visit Paris
See the Eiffel Tower in person
Go to New Zealand and see LotR stuff

To Sing/Do (Musical Related)
Sing Sirens or Secret Soul (from Jane Eyre: the Musical) with someone
Perform in another homeschool musical
Perform in A Tale of Two Cities, the Musical
Play one of my musical dream roles... Jane [Eyre], Madame Defarge {A Tale of Two Cities} or the Seamstress {same}
Comfortably sing an entire Broadway song without having to use my falsetto / head voice
Perform in Les Misérables
Sing a romantic musical song with a guy {January 2014 - "I See the Light"} 

To Watch/See
See all the Narnia books made into movies
See The Phantom of the Opera on stage :D
See Les Miserables when it comes out December, 2012!  {December 25, 2013}
See one of my books made into a musical! lol
See The Hobbit (also coming out December, 2012!) {December 14, 2012}
See Jane Eyre, the Musical performed
Go to a Josh Groban concert {February 4, 2013... it was at a local movie theater, streamed live from NYC... that counts, right? :))
See A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical performed (guess what, I really like musicals!)
See the Wicked movie when it comes out
See Wicked performed live {May 13, 2014}

To Do (Misc)
Get my driver's license
Learn how to swing dance {Spring 2015}
Learn how to polka
Pet a chinchilla
Open up an Etsy shop and sell an item 
Buy and try a bottle of JONES soda {January 2013}
Take a cool photograph {Fall 2012}
Wear a ballroom gown
Celebrate One Year Cancer Free with my mom - okay, this one's really important :) 
Bake something on my own without failing!  ("On my own, pretending he's beside me!" - Les Mis)
Drive up to Oregon and visit a friend there 
Get a job {June 2014}
Write something on here just to check it off immediately (check!) 
Buy an item from etsy 
Have a {decent} fanfic written about one of my characters
Learn how to polka (Hi, Amara!)
Finish writing TEC (my book series)
Publish TEC
Buy a doll that *somewhat* resembles me
Go to a dance. {May 2014}
Dance with a guy.  {May 2014}
Memorize the first line of A Tale of Two Cities
Write a decent fanfic {Maybe??? November 2013}
Co-direct (or be majorly involved in) a musical for homeschoolers
Buy a bird cage (for decoration) {February 28, 2013... I've wanted a bird cage since I was... um, around 7 years old! Or something like that...}
Stay up all night (aka do an "all-nighter" :))  September 6-7, 2015
Wear fake nails
Buy a roll of washi tape {June 2013 - a rainbow roll of washi tape came with a scrapbook I bought! :)}
Write a steampunk novel (or short story)
Drink soda (or tea or coffee) on my 21st birthday :)
Play a song (well) on the piano with 5 or more flats in it
Memorize Genesis 1
Make (and use) a blessings jar like this one 
Make a guitar pick (with an old gift card) {Summer 2013 - yesss!}
Write a fanfic for Horatio Hornblower
Make Henry's scarf from Once Upon a Time 
Make a DIY sharpie mug {Winter 2014 – Rumbelle mug!)}
Try Starbucks {Summer 2014}
Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle


  1. Love this! But you've never baked something alone? XD

    1. Aw, thanks dear!
      Pretty much, unless ramen noodles count...

  2. I'm 1lover from Wonderzone. I've actually petted a chinchilla! They are SO SOFT!

    1. Niiice! They look super soft. They're so cute! Our pet store doesn't have them though! :p

  3. When you learn how to drive ( I learned this past couple months) you'll love it. I know I did! :)

  4. Great bucket list! I love the polka! You should defiantly do it!

    Merry Christmas,

  5. I'm planning on making the Jar of Blessings (#64) this Thanksgiving and then filling it until next Thanksgiving. :)
    -Julia B.


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