Friday, 6 January 2012

Random Blog Post

You know what?  I always start out my blog posts with "Hmmm", "Hi", "Hey", "Well", "So" or something to that affect.  LAME!!!

Anyway, the last few posts I wrote were kind of interesting, so it's time for one about my life, that no one really wants to read, that no one comments on. :D :D :D  Seriously, don't comment on this!  Don't do it!!!!!!

I just wanted to tell you...

I finished my Total Health project about stress!  It was fun!  Somehow it ended up involving math to get the statistics right and that was...interesting.  

{I also wanted to take the opportunity to say:

Everything in these swirly bracket things = dedicated to my amazing friend, Claire!}

[I think I'll also add that James Barbour - aka Sydney Carton & Edward Rochester in A Tale of Two Cities and Jane Eyre, the musicals - no, not 1 musical, 2 musicals...ah...never mind...) is an amazing singer!!! Everything in the non-swirly brackets is just...what's on my mind right now!  I'm also listening to James Barbour's rendition of "Bring Him Home" so I can't help but comment.  It's a really cool version of the song.  It has piano, guitar and a Christmas-y feel to it.  Can you read this?]

On the other hand (interesting expression, maybe I should analyze that one), I should really migrate upstairs and eat a clementine.  You know, those (hopefully) juicy mini oranges that you eat.  Or throw at people.  I'd recommend you eat them though, I've been hit by an orange on the arm and it's not pleasant. 

Now Gary Morris is singing.  He's a good singer too.  I'm actually listening to all the versions of Bring Him Home that I have on my iPod.  I do this once every few months, but usually on accident - I want to listen to one of the versions and then end up listening to all of them because it's on my iTunes and they all play, one after the other.  I eventually zone off and realise that a different one is playing and then say, "Yayyy, I love this version!"  I mean, why wouldn't I love it, it's on my iTunes.  Actually it's not my iTunes, it's my family's iTunes.  We all share it.  Which means one moment I'm listening to Alfie Boe and the next moment a really old song comes on.  Or, Frosty the Snowman - we have a really loud version - comes on and scares me.  It's a great version but it's really quite startling!

LEEEEEEEETTTT HIIIIM LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...  I'm still listening to Bring Him Home if you haven't noticed.  I really hope Claire reads this blog post.  No one else has to. But yeah.  HI CLAIRE!!!  

Okay, I should go do school now.  

Bye peeps!

This blog post is the winner of the "Weirdest Blog Post" so far.  But I will point out that if Alfie Boe, James Barbour or Gary Morris happen to read this, I'm not calling them weird!  I called them all amazing!  I think.  Cuz it's true.  They're all really good singers.  'Kay, I'm done now.  


  1. Wait!!! Why dont comment?! I love u!!!! And i like reading about you!! !!!


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