Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Friday

Hi peeps!  (Get it?  Peeps?)

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Now I'm really hungry for Peeps!  Except I can't have them, because I'm allergic to them!


How was your Good Friday?

I had a very interesting Good Friday.  I think it wins the prize.

1. I woke up and read the crucifixion account in the Bible and then did school...
2. ...then headed off to P.T. (Physical therapy) for my arm.
3. I did a little more school, then rushed off to my friend's house.  On Wednesday, I take biology, and we didn't quite finish dissecting our fish.  So the teacher let everyone take a fish naturally, some of the girls decided to have a Dissection Party!!!  So, biology book, papers and dead fish in tow, Mom and I got in the car...and missed the right street, so instead of going to my friend's house, we went to another state!  We were only about 10 minutes late though, and my nice friends waited for me.  :)  I'd post pics of the dissection, but my phone still needs to be sanitized (the pics are on my phone).
4. After dissecting Alexander the fish, I came home and watched Alice in Wonderland dubbed in Spanish.  

I'd watched part of AiW the day before, so after I finished that, I watched part of Nim's Island.
(You're probably thinking I have no life, at this point...)  
5. I worked on my book for a while.  I decided that since it was, after all, Good Friday, I should listen to Christian music!  I discovered some good ol' favourites on my Podi. 
6. I ate supper!  Tuna, noodles, a muffin, and milk!  Yum!  La leche es bueno.  (That was Spanish...I hope.)
7. Mom and I finished watching Cry, the Beloved Country.  I read the book for school and LOVED it.  But more about that in another post.  
8. After that, Mom and I watched Walace and Grommit's A Matter of Loaf and Death.  It's very good, although I got scared in the middle of it (even though we'd seen it before...)
9. Mom read aloud part of this five-inch-think book about Mao that my dad though we should read.  I decorated index cards.
9.5 Why are the descriptions of my day getting more detailed!?
10. I read part of A Walk With Christ to the Cross.  It's an amazing book, detailing what happened from the time of the Last Supper to when Jesus actually died.  I'm hoping to finish it tonight and / or tomorrow.  

So that was my very interesting day, but I think my favourite parts were the parts spent with God!


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