Wednesday, 16 May 2012

*insert clever title here*

Well, this is completely random but I was messing around with duct tape again!  Let's just say that Barbie got a new dress! :) 

I apologise for the slight immodesty of the dress, it is very hard to make sleeves with duct tape.  :)

As far as Barbies, I was not really allowed to have Barbies until recently when I decided I needed some for my wooden guillotine (please, please don't run away screaming!  I just have an interest in the French Revolution).  Then I searched for Barbies that look like my book characters.

Mom said she would help me make some fabric dresses for my Barbie peeps, so I was able to work on my sewing skills - so excited!  I'll try and post pics when I'm done!

So, in closing: I am in no way condoning Barbies, strapless dresses, or duct tape clothing.  :)  But I wanted to show you my random pic.


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