Wednesday, 15 August 2012

First day of school!


As a disclaimer, this photo was not actually taken during school...but it WAS taken on the first day of school (i.e. today, August 15, 2012). I was actually waiting while my mom got her haircut. I forgot to bring my journal or a book, so I read most of the kid's books in the waiting area. :) However if I remember correctly, Hop on Pop was one of the first books I ever I thought it was fitting. :)

If you did want to know how the first day of school went, however, it went fine! :) I still don't enjoy math, but I am slightly encouraged about chemistry. My chemistry teacher is cool. He talked about wigs. My chemistry teacher

My teacher for nearly everything else...

Meet my mom! :) Although she's undergone a number of nicknames (and taken them all very well) she's generally "Mom" and I love her so much! (Don't worry, I love my dad too). I'm so glad she's my teacher. I love being homeschooled (but not trying to brag, or make anyone who is not homeschooled feel bad)! I told my guitar teacher I started school today, and he asked if I liked my teachers. I'm like, "Yep."

Random fact: Today I walked out on the deck and a splinter decided to live in my foot. Although I am trying to evict it, my unwelcome boarder is still in my skin. I apologise if that was TMI. :D

When are you all starting school?



  1. OK, random fact about moi: I've been mishearing things all day long. Examples:
    What was said: Spring Branches What I heard: Screaming Branches
    What was said: bumblebees What I heard: buttpuppies
    My whole family got a laugh after theses, and I hope they'll brighten your day, too! :)

  2. I nominated you!

  3. I nominated you!

  4. Cool! What grade r u in? 11th I am guessing but idk for sure. haha.


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