Saturday, 22 September 2012

Impulse Buys...

I'm in the car, talking to my mom. I've just met my friend's adorable new puppy, and though I'm not even completely comfortable with dogs, I occasionally wish for one, so naturally I compensate these thoughts with discussing how one day after my current set of mice, Latte and Mocha, go to Mice Heaven I would like to get a hamster. Mom and I have just been to Good Will (after going to my friend's house), and I ask if we could go over to PETCO to look at hamsters "just for fun". Mom agrees and we walk into PETCO. After ooing and awing at the hammies, we of course, walk over to look at the mice. We see one there that's adorable! Her fur coloring and design is like we've never seen before, a little light brown coat with a white stripe across her face! My mom suddenly says something to the affect of, "Maybe you should add this one to your mice collection." Before I know it, we've got a PETCO guy chasing the mouse around the cage, trying to catch it. Of course, I want to buy two mice, because that way, when the new mice were introduced to the "old" mice, they wouldn't feel so outnumbered. :) The guy grabs the striped mouse, and we ask him to pick up another one, but he grabs the wrong one. I decide it's a sign [from God] that we were supposed to get that one, so we head back home to introduce the mice.

I begin to think my new mice are the youngest mice I've ever had because as I introduce them to my older mice, one of them looks for nipples! Then suddenly, as we we watch them, the striped mouse leaps into the air! I think she's still in the "flea" stage - a time young mice go through while growing up, involving lots of hopping.

Though Latte and Mocha seemed to enjoy meeting the newcomers, after putting them in the cage, Mocha acts aggressively towards them, and even makes one of them start bleeding! We move Mocha and Latte to my hamster cage, and leave the new mice in the old mouse cage. We realize that we need to get another wheel, so at the same time Mom decides to pick up some pictures she had framed.

The picking-up-the-pictures doesn't go so well. Mom has some problems with the way the framing and dry-mounting turns out, so after we finish at the craft store, we head off to PETCO to grab the mouse wheel and manage to pick up an Arby's sandwich on the way back.

After much annoyingness, we manage to give Latte and Mocha back their wheel, and give the new mice in the mouse cage the new wire wheel. However, Miss Stripe Mouse (who I nick-named "Flea") is climbing all over the bars and looking for a way to escape. I have never had a mouse do this before! While I walk in the bathroom to wash my hands, she sticks her head through a hole in the cage and almost gets all the way through! Thankfully Mom is in the room and stops her. (It's quite confusing but there is a large gap in the cage bars where the door hinge opens, and I've always worried that mice would escape from that hole!) Anyway, we decide that there's no way we're going to let the little mice stay in that cage, so we move them into a smaller, no-bars (more like a plastic aquarium) cage that I used to take Latte and Mocha to biology class earlier this year. After much stress, we all settled down for the night.

Now it looks like Latte and Mocha will be moving back into their old cate, and the mice will be staying in the aquarium until they are big enough for the hamster cage. (I can't put them in there now, because the bars are farther apart, being a hamster cage, and the mice might try to fit through. That's the reason I got the mouse cage in the first place).

ANYWAY, I have no idea why I wrote The Tale of the Impulse Buys in the present tense, I rarely enjoy reading books written in the present tense, much less enjoy writing that way myself. I guess you could say the impulse buys (Now named Countess Zinzindorf and Duchess Lavoisier...after people I read about in history and science - respectively - this year) have made my brain go haywire............................

Don't forget, it's still September! :)



  1. Oh no! Flea sounds like my hammie. She's always getting out!

    1. Lol!!! Hamsters are notorious escape artists! My cousins apparently had one that would escape all the time and make a nest in their kitchen drawer!!! lol

  2. Cute story! I hope you have a good day!

    1. Thanks dear! Hope you are having a good day today, too. :) (Well technically your "day" is now "yesterday", but I think that's beside the point...)


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