Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Christmas break!

I just wanted to say, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I hope your time was filled with joy, peace and love as you celebrated Christ's birth. What was your favorite thing you were able to do on Christmas (or around Christmastime?). Do you have special family traditions or do you like to do something different each year?

This year, December was pretty crazy for me... we didn't even put up all of our usual Christmas decorations! I got my miniature manger scene set up only a couple days before December 25th... And hardly played any Christmas carols on the piano! BUT, all that aside, my family had a very enjoyable - albeit busy - Christmas season. On Christmas Day, we were able to relax, watch some Downton Abbey (my dad got me the DVD's! :)), work on a 2,000 piece Coca-Cola puzzle (yes, my family is crazy) and see Les Miserables the musical. In the theater. Yes, we went to the movie theater on Christmas Day. I did feel kind of bad about that. But Mom and I talked about it and she said it would be ok. 

So...this was a slightly different Christmas for me this year.... there were no gingerbread houses to decorate or cookies to frost (though we did make bunches of goodies! To enjoy and to share!). But I did enjoy finding gifts for my friends and family, and getting to celebrate Christmas at several parties! :)  Now you may ask... did you remember what Christmas is all about, amidst the food, the movies, the puzzle pieces and the presents? Yes, I did, though I confess I wish I'd remembered it more! I am excited to have some time to slow down and focus on what really matters over Christmas break (hence the title!?), and figure out some goals for 2013. What about you, do you have any specific plans for Christmas break?

Anyway, I wanted to wish you a happy (belated) Christmas and a wonderful Christmas break!

Have a blessed day!

P.S. Heehee...I'm talking like a Brit here; "Happy Christmas" instead of "Merry Christmas"! :) 


  1. From Riversbend:
    Hello Kara! I liked your post! I am glad your CHRISTmas went well, and mine did too! Though I do agree I could have spent more time focusing on the real reason for the season. My CHRISTmas break started last Thursday so my break ends this Wednesday. I have had a good break so far: We have gone sledding,watched Christmas movies, and spent time with my two cousins who I just went to have a manicure with at our college of cosmetology. I hope to do some more sledding and start working on a puzzle with my mom. We meant to a day or two ago. And no!=) Your family is not crazy! My mom and I have done many puzzles together! Just...not in a really long time!:) So it is time to start again.
    Goals for 2013...I want to draw so much closer to the Lord, have more exercise and healthy eating, and read at least 12 more silent reading books before the school year ends! So...there are my goals! Interesting right? Have a good day!

    1. Heyy!
      Thanks so much for commenting! Ooh, sounds like you had a really nice Christmas break. (Ooh yay for puzzles!)
      Thanks also for sharing your 2013 goals... they are wonderful! I am trying to get back into reading as well too. I have a list! lol

  2. Hi Kara!!

    Glad to hear you had such an awesome Christmas! I'm sure it was fun to go see Les Miserables the day it opened. It's a great movie. :)
    I felt like Christmas snuck up on me this year, too! In the grand sceme of things, I didn't get my shopping done until December 23!
    Happy New Year!!! Love you! <3


    1. Hey Rachel!
      Thanks for the comment! :)
      Ahh, same here! But hey, you got it done! :)
      Love you! And hope your new year was great!


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