Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Hobbit and a Middle-Earth-Related Confession

I figured I would not be a proper fan if I did not make the obligatory hobbit post. So here we go...

Part I: I freak out

The Hobbit comes out tomorrow... and yes, I am pretty excited. Yes, I will now publicly confess that I have not been a devoted Hobbit fan... I failed to watch ANY the production videos. *gasp and point* Can I blame it on being in high school!? (Probably not, there are plenty of hobbit-loving high school students who have managed to devote at least a few hours of their time to watching the production videos. Oops).

I will probably be more excited for Bilbo's adventure once I see it... Lordwilling, am hoping to go tomorrow with my mom. (No midnight showing for me...) Hopefully I can post a review afterwards, if you girls would be interested in that?

Okay, I've stopped hyperventilating out of excitement now. I think.

Part II: I talk a little bit about the movie 
The movie that is coming out tomorrow (Lordwilling) is apparently part 1 of the 3 parts of The Hobbit movie, which is based on the book of the same name by J.R.R. Tolkien. The story is that of a hobbit named Bilbo. (What is a hobbit? A creature resembling a human, but a very small human and one with hairy feet and a good disposition, according to this source. However, I disagree with their statement about hobbits being "imaginary"...). Bilbo a fairly normal hobbit - he does not take part in adventures. He is enjoying life in the town of Hobbiton when a wizard named Gandalf shows up at his home. Then, thirteen dwarves show up as well, practically eating Bilbo out of house and home and inviting him to be a "burglar" on their adventure, Bilbo ends up accepting, and does something that, as I mentioned earlier, is not usually done amongst hobbits. Bilbo sets off on an adventure. (That was a lame synopsis. If you want a better one, type "The Hobbit movie" into your search engine, and you will probably find something better).

Part III: The disclaimer of sorts 
I'm aware that some Christians have chosen not to read Tolkien's books about Middle-Earth, or watch the movies - whether it's because of the violence (in the movies) or the magic, or the fact that there is a "good wizard" in the book, or something else. I completely understand.

My family enjoys the Lord of the Rings movies (as well as the books). There is definitely a lot of redeeming quality in them. The Lord of the Rings tells of an epic struggle between good and evil, including some really neat themes, quotes, and all that good stuff. And, it's an amazing story.

But, I understand if you have chosen not to participate in Middle-Earth affairs. Or, if you are just plain not interested. I enjoy literature and share some of my opinions / likes / dislikes on this bloggo... feel free to ignore me! teehee

Part IV: I should really finish up this post
Anyway, I completely got sidetracked there. Let's just say, I'm excited about The Hobbit. If you are too, share your thoughts below! If you aren't, then, uhh... share your thoughts, too! : )

Have a blessed day!

P.S. An appeal for help (not related to hobbits...) 
Help! Blogger won't let me put any more photos onto my blog (that's why there aren't any cute hobbit pics on this post)! It says my memory is full. Help!!!?>>

(A Tale of Two Cities musical song used in reference to hobbits... ahh... never mind. : )) Have a great day!

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