Monday, 14 January 2013

One Year Ago Today

It's been exactly a year ago today, since I had cardiac arrest at a party. Before January 14th, 2012, my family and doctors knew I had heart problems because of one of the chemotherapies I received about seven years ago, but we had no idea something like this could happen. Though I remember very little about the event that occurred a year ago, I know from those who were there a basic outline of what happened. At the very least, I know this much: God mercifully allowed the right people at the right time to be where they needed to be. Though I went without oxygen for quite a long time, God was willing to do a miracle. 

Even after events looked positive in the sense that I would most likely recover, most people expected that I would be forever changed because of what had happened.... rehabilitation would almost surely be needed; I probably had some damage to my brain because of being without oxygen for so long. God could've stopped there; that would've been a great miracle in itself. But He had great mercy and allowed me to recover fully. 

Our family and friends were so supportive of us during this time (and afterwards :)). Though I hardly any of my hospital stay, the visitors who came to see me and friends from musicals that came to sing to me, I do know that much of Christ's love was shown to me and my family through the trial. I am so thankful and grateful to everyone who helped us last year; if you are reading this...thank you. 

A few months after the event, I was pretty much "back to normal". I now have an ICD (similar to a Pacemaker) installed in my chest that can work like an AED if my heart has further problems. I know I don't talk about my health problems much; it's almost as if I enjoy being "just another teenage blogger", just another blog among millions. Many teenagers have this whacky idea that they don't want to be different, and that they just want to be like everyone else. But that's not the right way to think about things, is it? We all have a unique story; God wants to use each and every one of us in a way that will glorify and bring honor to Him. 

God did a miracle for me...I have been told that God must have something very special planned for me, and I'm excited for whatever that is. God has a very special plan for you too, whether it includes health difficulties or not. God has a special destiny for each of us who choose to follow Him. 

Praise be to God for His great mercy and love. God did a miracle for me and my family... and that's not something to be silent about.



  1. You are an amazing young woman, Kara, and your story is an amazing example of God's power, and his love for every one of his people.

  2. Kara thanks so much for posting this! You are such an encouragement and inspiration to me!

  3. From Riversbend:
    You have an amazing story to tell the world, and it is so good to here you tell it to us and not be silent!:) Keep being a "speaker" and keep sharing your testimony. Your story could change someone's life. Keep living for Christ!

  4. Hey Kara :) This is Haley. Psalm 125:1 was a verse I found when I was sad after I heard what happened to you last year. I can hardly believe that it's been a year! I'm so glad you're doing OK.

    You are a very special girl after God's heart, and God must have something very amazing and special for you that He's keeping you for!

    :) Love, Haley

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! :) You are all such blessings to know and I love you lots. :) Have a blessed day! - Kara :)

  6. We are all so, so glad that you recovered and are doing so well, totally back to your lovely self. :) God truly does answer prayer, and I agree that He worked a miracle in and for you.


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