Friday, 22 February 2013

And...they melted.

Didn't see that one coming.

But I guess I should tell this story in the right order.

You should probably know that baking and I haven't exactly ever... hit it off, as the expression says. Therefore I rarely bake, and I have NEVER baked something on my own (with the exclusion of ramen noodles, and the time I put wax paper in the oven. Thankfully, nothing caught on fire) - hence the part of my bucket list that says something to the effect of, "bake something on my own without failing." Today I baked... or attempted to... but not on my own. And it kind of failed.

First, they turned out HUGE.

They splooshed out like weird toadstools with chocolate chips in the middle.

I got the job of bulldozing it off the plate. (Figures, we were out of parchment paper)

We made the next dozen or so smaller... but it didn't help. Because they melted.

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos...).

I recently read my first steampunk novel (which, btw, was AMAZING)... it was about a young man who found out he had the ability to melt people. (The name of the book is Candle Man... it's actually a series, but I haven't managed to procure myself a copy of Book #2 yet. As an aside, it's a really neat book! It's very exciting - a little bit scary - but really cool, especially if you enjoy action/adventure novels. It also makes some interesting moral points, so if you read it, see if you can figure out the worldview of the author / what he's trying to say in the book. Really cool. Okay, moving on...). It seemed as if there is a version of the Candle Man that eats - I mean melts - cookies. One of them could've cried out, "I'm melting!" like the wicked witch of the west and no one would've been too surprised... (Actually we would've, but... y'know. 'Tis an expression!) The whole ordeal was rather fascinating; the cookie dough slid away from the chocolate chips, then proceeded to bubble and flatten until we were back with the giant cookies / scraping them off the cookie pan / etc.

Ooh, how delicious!

Actually they didn't taste that bad. 

Needless to say, however, this experience has not improved by misgivings concerning cooking.

How are you today?


I have no idea why I tagged this art... probably because I don't have a tag for "disaster".
And no, I am not affiliated with Ove Glove or Glenn Dakin. Or the brand of oven used...


  1. Don't feel bad Kara, my cooking skill lack as well though I am gradually learning the art of baking. And they look yummy BTW!;)

  2. From Riversbend:
    Great story!;) The more you practice the better it gets!(Trust me) I bake often enough to know that reading the ingredient measurements 5 times usually does the trick.=) Anyways. . .I am doing really good and I absolutely am intrigued by the Narnia series. I am only on the first book, but so far it is really good. C.S. Lewis really lets his imagination soar and that is what reals you in.:) How are you? God bless!

  3. Those cookies actually look really yummy, but I've always been fond of doughy cookies. :) I fail in different ways every time I try to bake cookies, though. Did I ever tell you about when my dad and I tried to make cupcakes for my mom, and the tops fell off? We glued them back together with icing. :)

    <3 Rachel

  4. Thanks so much for the kind comments, girls! :) You are all so encouraging! Mom and I ended up rolling the dough up and dipping it in white chocolate... so now we have cookie dough balls! haha Anyway, thanks again for the comments! Happy baking, all! :)

  5. Well, as you can tell, I'm creepily reading a bunch of your old posts... Anywho, I love the way you tell this story. :) Maybe you just didn't have a good recipe? I have bunches of good cookie recipes that are 'somewhat' easy. Ooh maybe sometime we should get together to bake something... :)

    1. Haha Julia, I do that all the time! (read old posts... not burn cookies... anyway...)
      I agree! This is the perfect excuse to have a baking date!!! (Ok, not like we NEED an excuse to hang out, but... you know...)


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