Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fashion Tag!

From Kara! :)

1) How would you describe your style?
I want to be comfortable, but I wanna look nice, too... If there's a mixture between casual and slightly dressy, that's probably what I am... (Random factoid: I rarely wear long sleeves, even in winter.)

2) What are your wardrobe staples?
My wardrobe staples are probably jeans and short-sleeved shirts. If I am forced to wear socks, (most of the time) they are required to be cute, bright, or otherwise colorful designs...

3) Most expensive clothing item you own?
Probably my black dress which I wore when involved in a homeschool Broadway musical concert. :) It's silky black with a pleated skirt and a diamond buckle... in case you were wondering... ;)

4) Most wanted item?
A Josh Groban t-shirt! :) A Les Mis shirt would be amazing, too.

5) Favorite designer?
Whoever designed the clothing in the late 1700's / early 1800's is AMAZING. And the costume designer for Les Mis...

See? Amazing clothing!!! (as an aside, everyone looks sad in this pic!)

On yet another aside, cravats are amazing. As the eloquent Sir Percy says... (after someone says, "It's only a cravat", Sir Percy responds with the following).

"Only a cravat! Oh, my dear sir! A cravat is the apotheosis of all neckwear! A cravat distinguishes a man of refinement from the merely ordinary...It is the only item of dress that expresses true individuality. And whether it be made of lace or silk...it thrives on ingenuity, on originality, and above all, on personality down to the last skilled twist of bow or knot.” - Sir Percy,The Scarlet Pimpernel

Take a moment to digest the epicness of the quote...

{Sadly I can't endorse this movie because it has some TMI stuff in it. The Scarlet Pimpernel as a book, though, is AMAZING. The book is set during the French Revolution. The main character is a man who, though seemingly a foppish English aristocrat, actually partakes in brave and heroic rescues of people doomed to die under the guillotine's blade. And there's also romance and swordfighting and other epic stuff.}

6) How much do you spend on clothing?
My mom buys most of my clothes from the thrift store (yayyy for thrift stores!), so maybe $5-10 per clothing piece. Sometimes we have to find clothes to match the clothes from the thrift store, and they cost a bit more.

7) Favorite places to shop?
Good Will, another thrift store, Claire's and Aeropostale.

8) Favorite fragrance?
I have a lot of favorites! Probably "Forever Sunshine" by Bath and Body Works. Its smell reminds me of last summer... playing ukulele and hanging out with one of my besties.

{photo from a Google Images search}

9) Fave way to do your hair?
I am boring. I am too lazy to do cool stuff with my hair, so most of the time I just let it sit on my head and be bored. (the hair... not me). When I am feeling creative, I might do ONE of the following... two pony tails (or are they pigtails? I know, it's debatable), a French braid (with my mom's help), two braids, or pony tails with one little braid in each. Sometimes I attempt to curl my hair into ringlets (when attempting to be a hobbit), or curl my hair to make it wavy, or crimp it. I don't really have a fave way to do my hair.

11) Most prized posession?
Clothing-wise? I'm not sure... probably my bird shirt. :) (It's blue with white swifts flying across it... oh! You can see it in my interview with Kara here... it's the second photo. You can probably tell from the third photo {with the hat} that I like bright colors...)

Okay, if you want to be tagged... you are now tagged! :) If you feel so inclined, please comment with a link to your fashion tag post so I can see your answers!!! :)



  1. I loved this post Kara! :) Your style sounds a lot like mine. :D

  2. I loved this so much..... so I decided to take your whole "tag yourself" idea, and I posted my own answers on my blog! :) LOVED your answers, I noticed our styles are similar in a lot of ways!


    <3 Rachel

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for the comment; you're such a sweetie! :) I'm honored that you say we have a similar sense of style, because you are always so cute! I adored your blog post, btw, but it wouldn't let me comment!!!


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