Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oh! the Randomness

Hey all! :)

Let's see, what's new with you all? Since I have just posted a photo of myself with a crocheted sheep, I should probably make some sort of sheep pun, but clever thoughts seemed to have escaped my brain at the present. :p

Anywaywhoo.... I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this Wednesday early in the morning, so if you could pray about that, it would mean so much to me!!! I'm pretty nervous of the actual procedure (but not as freaked out about afterwards, though I probably should be...) so I appreciate your prayers!!!!!!!! :)

Other matters of note... there's a giveaway at Talia's blog, Girlz of God! I love Talia's blog... if you haven't visited before, you should totally check it out! :)

I guess that's all for today... I'll probably post more when I'm bored and incapacitated after my teeth extraction, as long as I don't drool on the computer. (sorry if that was TMI... :p).


P.S. What should I name ze sheep? :) I went to a craft show last Saturday and fell in love with him. :) Here's another pic... Please comment with name ideas?


  1. Whoops! Sorry! I was commenting on the giveaway at Girlz of God for an entry, and the window accidentally closed so I commented on yours instead. Whoops!:)

    1. Haha, you're fine! Totally sounds like something I would do too, lol!

  2. Lol! about...great, now my mind is blank. :-/
    Fred? Woolly? idea.
    I will definitely be praying for you! I got mine out in April, and, if it makes you feel better, I didn't have any swelling. The worst part was the IV shot.
    Hope all goes well!
    I'm going to go count sheep :-D

    1. Hey Elizabeth!!!
      Fred and Wooly sound cute!!! I like those! :)
      Thanks so much!!! So did you have the IV semi-sedation or just the Novocain shots? Thanks for the info!!!

    2. Lol, I thought so too! :-D
      I don't even remember what they called it...all I know is, I didn't remember a thing about the surgery.

    3. Thanks so much for the info, Elizabeth! Hopefully I won't remember it either... ;D

  3. Sheep names (by the way he/she is adorable)
    Girl name - Baaa-ba-ra (Barbara, but Baa-baa-raa... =P)
    Boy name - Sir Ramdolph (like Randolph, but Ramdolph)
    And yeah, I know, they're lame puns, but what else? :)
    -Julia B.

    1. Thanks Julia!!! Ooh my, I love Barbara!!! hahaha But Sir Ramdolph sounds cool too. You are so clever!

    2. From Riversbend:

      Hey girl! I will be praying for you! I am so glad to hear from you. Honestly I think Sherbert is a good name! LOL

    3. Thanks so much, Riversbend! And I love the name Sherbert, it's one of my favorite ice creams! :)

  4. What a cute sheep ;) I am terrible at thinking of names on the spot... I would probably name it something from LotR or Narnia. :) Not that creative, but still!
    I'll be praying for you this Wed! I had oral surgery a few years ago so I could get braces, so I can assure you that it's not that bad. :) I was really nervous, too, but it was not painful and I couldn't remember anything from the surgery. :)
    Where are you getting it done? I had mine done in Omaha or Council Bluffs so maybe you are doing it at the same place... Anyway the doctors and nurses were very comforting and kind!
    Love, Haley

    1. Hey Haley!!!
      That's a great idea too! Currently his name is Sir Ramdolph Sherbet, but I should add a Narnia or Middle-Earth type name in there! :)
      Thanks sooo much for the advice!!! That makes me feel very relieved! :)
      I'm getting mine done locally but Idk exactly where. They were recommended by my normal dentist. :)
      Thanks so much! :)


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