Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm a blogger!

Hey everyone!
Thanks for taking a peek at my new blog!  ...  (Yes, I have another blog, but that was made so I could update people on my stories - for writing purposes.  I wanted to make this blog so I could be free to post randomness!)  Since this is my first blog entry, I feel like I should write something super epic.  So...
Epic - an adjective that means, "heroic" or "great"!  (Alternately, a noun that means a long poem!)
I fell in love with this word after I heard it used several times to describe The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008).  Since then "epic" has been used more times than I ever care to count!  Still, this doesn't change my opinion of "epic"...  
What are some of YOUR favourite words?  Please comment below!
~ "Klarabelle"


  1. Kara, epic post :-)! LOL! So glad you're in the blogging world once more! Can't wait to read more from you :). Some of my favourite words? Umm...let's see... confuzzled, frijoles,'s hard to think of em right now ;). And BTW I LOVE your profile pic. That's so pretty.

  2. Talia, congratulations on being the very first to comment! :) I should give you a special prize for this... ;) Thanks for sharing your favourite words. I love your profile picture too!

  3. Kara! You have a blog you will actually update! :P I love your blog. Your background is absolutely is your pic! :)

    My favorite words? I'm drawing a Well, I'll let ya know if I think of one! :) Love you lots!

  4. Cute blog Kara! Hmm... favorite words? Alacrity which means "cheerful timeliness and willingness" along with awesomesaucem and yepperdoodles (which don't need definitions because they are... epic!) I have a post planned for tomorrow about the word "ameliorate" =]

  5. I totally forgot about awesomesocks! Yes, that is one of my favorite words. Thank you for reminding me, Justbyjo.

  6. Talia, I was just about to post "awesomesocks"! You stolzez it! :P


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