Thursday, 1 September 2011

Paint Your Nails Turquoise, and 90 Days With the One and Only - Jesus

Happy Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!...  Happy September!
(Whew!  That was a mouthful!)  I think most of you know my mom has ovarian cancer.  Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness...  so, I'm going to paint my nails turquoise, and I invite you all to do the same!  Then, when you look at your epic nails, you can remember to pray for those who suffer from ovarian cancer - that they would come to know the Lord, or grow closer to the Lord, through their trials!  But I'm not trying to be all gimmicky...  So, if you don't want to paint your nails turquoise, that's absolutely, 100% fine!  I will ask, though, that you would please say a pray for my amazing mom...  She just had surgery to stage the cancer and we found out the WONDERFUL news that her cancer is Stage 1C - God is so good!  (You may've heard of cancer being "staged" - Stage 1 is good news, and stage 4 is...really, really bad...  although there are many, many cancer survivors of stage 1, 2, 3 and even 4!)  She will still have to have chemo, but we now know that the cancer has not spread!  God is so merciful!

The first of September also marks a new "chapter" in our Bible Reading Club journey!  You can join the BRC on - an site run by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This is a great place for kids and teens to play games, learn about missionaries, and read the Bible!  To fully enjoy the activities on WonderZone, you need to make a username and password.  Then, under "Activities", you can click on, "Bible Reading Club".  First, you read the Bible passage for the day, before sending a message titled "Bible Reading Club" to one of the "trailguides".  In the message you can include thoughts on the passage, questions you might have, and an answer to the challenge question!  Then, the next day, check your WonderZone mailbox, where you'll find a message waiting for you!  This message will have everyone else's messages for that day.  You can reply to that message, after reading the passage, and comment again, as well as "chatting" with the other BRC members!  But no real names are shared - just usernames!  I love, where I do my devotional every morning.  After studying Psalms and then reading the WonderZone 60-Day Devotional, we've embarked on a new Bible study with excerpts from Beth Moore's 90 Days With the One and Only - Jesus !  Please join us on the BRC - we'd love to hear from you!

"Klarabelle" :) 


  1. Gonna go paint my nails since I actually have that color! :P And, thanks for reminding me when the Beth Moore study started! Gonna try to get on later today. :P

  2. I'm gonna paint my nails turqoise! Praying for your mom!


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