Tuesday, 4 October 2011

And THAT is Why the Lord Created Men!

 Hola, amigas!  (I don't think any amigos read this, but...  hola, any amigos reading this!)

After three "deep" posts in a row, it's time for a completely random one.  Remember, I warned you about my cogitations, verbalization and contemplations.  Now it's time for a random verbalization. 

I really like musicals; it started with The Phantom of the Opera, then Les Miserables, then Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  The other day I was excited to attend The Phantom of the Opera's 25th anniversary concert.  Recently I listened to The Scarlet Pimpernel - I loved the book by Baroness Orczy and heard about the musical, but hadn't really read the lyrics or tried out the music until a couple weeks ago.

I like Into the Fire, reminiscent of the epic One Day More in Les Miserables, as well as Prayer and Only Love, two romantic songs that I wish I could sing!  :)  Another song that really made me laugh was, The Creation of Man.

To explain the strangeness of this song, I'll give you a little taste of The Scarlet Pimpernel...according to the musical, Sir Percy has just married a beautiful French woman named Marguerite.  He finds out that she betrayed a Marquis St. Cyr during the French Revolution.  Sir Percy becomes distant towards his wife who he still loves, and becomes a mysterious man known to England and France as "The Scarlet Pimpernel", who with a band of men, rescues people from the deadly guillotine.  But no few people know who The Scarlet Pimpernel really is...  to protect their identities, Sir Percy and his band of men act in England like total fops!  Or, as my dad would say, "doodles"!  :)  So to the Prince of Wales, they sing this song - "The Creation of Man".

The chorus exclaims, "La, but someone has to strike a pose and bear the weight of well-tailored clothes, and that is why the Lord created men!  Yes, that is why the Lord created men!"  So, this is indeed totally random.  This is just one of those songs that makes me laugh...  especially when I know that these guys don't really believe this...  :)  Well, I don't think so..

I have no idea what the significance of this post is.  But if you do like musicals, check out The Scarlet Pimpernel!  In a quick review, it follows the book in many points, and the songs are catchy and well-written.  There are a few swear words and "awkward moments" which aren't included in the original book.  But I'd say this musical isn't worse than Phantom's The Point of No Return or some songs in Les Miserables.  So, view with discretion if you do, but enjoy highlights like Into the Fire!!!

Yes, it's higher and higher and into the fire we go!

(Yes.  I have just announced the total musical-nerd side of myself.  :))

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