Thursday, 20 October 2011



I haven't posted in a while.


I've been busy (I know, that's the classic high schooler's answer!)...  but to compensate for my unaccountably long silence, I'll give my reasons for being busy, and you can decide if I truly have an excuse for not posting.  ;)

-- High school in general
-- Biology homework!  :D  Which I'm doing right now!
-- Spanish homework!  :D
-- I'm in a concert of Broadway musical songs...  even though I haven't given as much attention to it as I should (I admit it!  I'm guilty!), I still have worked on it...
-- I got a book from the thrift store and read it
-- I am reading another book now
-- I baked cookies
-- I did other parts of school
-- I played piano
-- I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner
-- I crocheted something for my mom
-- I went shopping...

Okay I'm getting desperate now, as you can tell by the randomness at the end.  :D  (no, my mom is not random, but the bopper I crocheted for her didn't take too long.  And I did it while I was sitting on a bench at the Learning Center).

So, anyway, there's ze not so epic list.  On another note, here's some stuff I'm considering posting someday in the near future...

-- Sending something cool and free to all the people who painted their nails turquoise!  (Just made that up.  Just now.  On the spot.)
-- Posting a review on musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables or The Scarlet Pimpernel
-- Blogging a very hyper blog post about all the new musicals I've just found out about!!!
-- Telling you random facts that I've been learning in biology
-- ...or random Spanish words...
-- And I should probably do a giveaway, since that seems to popular.  :D  But Idk what to give away...cuz I'm broke ;)

So, tell me what you're interested in, or what you would like me to post.  And I shall ponder and consider it.  :D 

Oooh the other thing I was considering were book reviews, I've read some really great books lately that I would love to recommend to you.  I thought about having some kind of schedule, like, "Book reviews every other Monday" (actually Monday is a busy day, so no :D) and "Christian articles every Thursday" (that's a better day.  Hey, I'm listening to a song and the guy singing it just sang "day"!  Hey, he just did it again!  Okay I'm gonna stop talking about it now.) (He just said "day"!  Technically, "today"!  Let's see how much I can write before he says it again) but then you might actually hold me accountable for blog posting.  So...  no.

He - actually they, this time - said "day" again!

What song am I listening to?  I'll probably blog about that next time...

Until tomorrow!


  1. The label accurately describes this post--random! :-) I like random posts, though, because they're fun to read. :-) And write! :-) I'll tell you if I think up something for you to post about. :-) How's your mom? (I have to put a smiley face at the end of this sentence so that I can have a smiley face at the end of each sentence!) :-D

  2. I vote for a very hyper post about the new musicals you've discovered! (cause I want some new musicals to listen to and am not sure what to start with haha)
    You should crochet or knit something for a giveaway =]
    Also, I vote for book reviews! (I'm going to do some myself eventually.)
    I take that all back... I VOTE FOR EVERYTHING! =P

  3. Love the post Kara!
    Message for GJGH: Did you ask your parents if u could join godgirl?

  4. btw if u want to do a giveaway and since u r broke u could make friendship bracelets, or something. (Or someone could sponsor something)

  5. Hola, all! Sorry I took a while to reply...

    GJFH, as you know... I love smiley faces!!! My mom is doing better!

    JustbyJo, awww, thanks! Right, I will try and post about... EVERYTHING... soon!!!

    Kara, thanks!!! I love your idea about friendship bracelets, too!


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