Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Room = Messy & The Board of Epicness!


So, instead of "Hola" I really should be saying "Beunos noches" or "good night" or "gn" or "nite" or "g'nite" or any or all of the above...  but I got this random longing to blog, so here I am!  HOLA!

I just got done cleaning up my desk.  My desk or my floor is where nearly everything goes...  I took a pic, so maybe I'll post that sometime.  (Okay, I'm so tired I took 3 times to spell "sometime" correctly.  Maybe I shouldn't be doing blogging at 10:35 at night...)  The "Board of Epicness" (a bulletin board with epic stuff on it!) is overflowing with...  stuff.

So, as to NOT waste your valuable time, I'll tell you how you, too, can make a Board of Epicness!

A board!  Be creative...  this could be a dry-erase board with magnets, a bulletin board (that's what I used) or an old wooden plank!  lol

Magnets or thumb tacks or nails depending on your choice of board...
Epic stuff!  This could be jewelry, photos, Silly Bands, key chains, pins, mini posters, notes, letters, etc.!

1. Find your board of epicness
2. Decorate your board of epicness...  you could use duct tape (I almost covered the border of my board with zebra duct tape) or Sharpies (not sure how that would work...  I guess you could draw on the cork board!?) or stamps...  (don't blame me if it doesn't work though)
3. Put your epic stuff on the board! 

I recently rearranged my board...  But as I was cleaning the desk, everything epic that could go on the board pretty much went on the board.  So now it is a mass of bracelets, necklaces, Silly Bandz, key chains, photos, movie tickets, a Christmas bow, a locket and...you get the picture.  (Or do you?  DO YOU!?)

I don't want to upload my pics tonight...  so maybe tomorrow night, I'll put on the pic of my Board of Epicness!

In the meantime...

Beunos noches, amiga/os!  (The horrid spelling of amigos / amigas makes sense to me...)

9:11 AM (oops, it's 9:12 now), November 2, 2011
Nearly 12 hours later, I'm baaack!
Here's ze pics I promised...

Look!  My desk is clean!

And here is the Board of Epicness...

The DOOR of Epicness

^ On a side note, you can make a DOOR of Epicness (or a Wall for that matter...with parent's permission), too!
My Door of Epicness has my fave quotes on it - mostly lines from musicals, but also, Bible verses and quotes from books.  I <3 index cards (long story, but it all started at CYIA Camp when I fell in love with those neon index cards.  So when I got back home I bought some and started writing all over them.  And eventually, the Door of Epicness was born!) 

Well, I better get ready for biology, Spanish and art class this afternoon.  So...

Bye, bye, dancing girls!
(Sorry that was a superbly random reference to The Phantom of the Opera...)


  1. Love that post! (oh and btw I LOVED the board of epicness idea, and the door of epicness. :)

  2. Hola, Kara! Thanks so much! I love everything "epic" :)


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