Monday, 28 November 2011

Writing Tip of the Day!

Hey ya'll!  (Idek...)

What's up!?  I haven't blog-posted in a while...  the "homeschool concert of musical hits" that I was in, "Hello, Broadway!" is over, but I've been busy catching up with school.  BUT...  I had this random idea to do random writing tips!  Except this blog post title is misleading because I probably won't post one tip a day...more like one or two every month.  :p  But you get the point, and it's the thought that counts anyway...right? 

So here's today's tip...
(Drumroll please!)

Try to avoid unnecessary descriptions like, "silver spoon", "green Christmas tree" "white milk", etc.  Of course, if you're comparing different kinds of forks - gold, porcelain, plastic, big, small, etc. then "silver" might be more appropriate.  But if you're just describing, for example, a girl eating her breakfast, "silver spoon" is probably unnecessary.  Milk really should be white unless there's food coloring in it...  And Christmas trees are generally green unless they're, uh, dead.

So there you go, your tip of the day!  Ever since I finally understood how to edit my books, the "editor" button in me got turned on and never turned off!  That means I edit nearly everything in my brain, even other people's books!  But hey, I can also hopefully impart some halfway interesting writing...opinion...thingies... to you!!!

Merry super-duper-early Christmas!


  1. Love it! I never thought of that before! Do more :-)

  2. Yeah I agree with Talia I loved it!!!!!!!!!


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