Saturday, 3 December 2011

For the Good of the Book Pt. 4 (I changed the title! Do you like it?)

Hi peeps!

I'm actually posting at 10:28 AM!!!  (Usually I post at 10:30 PM or around that time... :))  I slept in until 10:00 (it's Saturday, hooray!) and had this (literally!) outlandish (ah...never mind) dream about Narnia in the basement!  It was actually quite intriguing, and Tirian (one of my favourite characters!) played a stunning version You Are My All in All on his acoustic guitar.

Okay, so that is probably not the most descriptive paragraph you've read lately, but it could've been written more like...

Hi, I'm posting at 10:28 Am, isn't that cool?  I slept in until 10.  lol  Hey, it's Saturday,d id you know that?  I had this weird dream about this guy in the basement who played guitar or something like that.  It was weird.  Did I mention it's Saturday?

Our writing tip for today, the third day of December, the year of our Lord 2011, concerns interesting words.  When formulating a book, one should use interesting words to describe the said book's happenings.  Words such as, "nice", "bad" and "pretty" are extremely overused in today's language, so those are the last words your reader wants to find in your exquisite and unique novel, novella, or five-inch-thick biography...etc.  Oftentimes, a word springs to life in my mind...however that word still tends to be commonplace or bromidic.  So, I use either Microsoft Word's snyonymn finder, or I type in, "synonym for..." on the search engine.  Or, if you happen to own one of those nifty thesauruses, you can look up, "normal", and find words like, "customary", "accepted" "endorsed", "legit" or "preferred" ( enlightened me with these check out this impressive site!).  If those words are still too unoriginal for you, take the most fascinating word that is still close to the meaning of "normal", and type in, "synonyms for [example] customary" or "synonyms for "accepted".  (If you pick a word further from the original meaning, such as "endorsed", you might end up with words like "advocated", "accredited" and "warranted".  Of course, you are searching far and wide and up and down for those words, then use them!) 

Oh, and I hadn't heard of "bromidic" until today either, when I was looking at a thesaurus in hopes to gather interesting words with which to enhance this article.  If you haven't guessed, "bromidic" means "unoriginal".  :) 

To Narnia!  And beyond!  (I don't even know...)

P.S. Do you have any guesses how long I searched until I unearthed the words "cogitations, verbalizations and contemplations" for the top of this blog?  I don't actually remember either, and the words were enjoyable to look for...  however according to my computer, "verbalizations" isn't...actually...a word!  Oops!

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