Thursday, 1 December 2011

3. Writing Tip of the Day!

Hi everyone!

I tried to blog about a writing tip last night, but I couldn't think of one.  As I was working on my book today, I thought of this tip...

When I write, one of my goals is this: a reader focusing completely on my story.  They're so immersed in my tale that they hardly notice anything else...they can't wait to find out what will happen next...and they refuse to put the book down.  They feel as if the characters are their best friends (or, in the case of the antagonist - their deadliest enemy!) and they can't help cheering (inwardly!) for the hero or heroine...

That is one sign of success, I'll say that much. BUT, what happens if the magical moment is suddenly broken?  How could this happen?

Well, the root of your trouble could be something as simple as a rhyme.  For example, Prince Charming is about to propose to Princess Charminga from the neighboring country.  He's terribly nervous but it's an adorably romantic scene.  "I love you - every atom of my heart yearns for you to be my bride...  I will always care for you.  My steadfast love for you can only grow, it will never go away.  Don't leave me - stay!"  An attentive reader might stop and laugh, saying to themselves, "'Away' and 'stay' rhyme!"  This ruins the moment, if not disrupting of the storyline.  DON'T DO IT!  Don't disrupt your story, even if it means taking out that description that you worked hard on, or the funny line...  write, add, or take away everything that you must for "the good of the book"!

(My friend Jessica and I love this miniseries where the main character, a Navy officer named Horatio, always makes his descisions for "the good of the ship", no matter how he personally feels.  In writing, an author should do what's "best for the book"!)

Until...another day!


  1. I love these writing tips! Theyre really helpful!

    Which book are you working on? Hows it coming?

  2. (Sorry, late reply!)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, Talia! :) I might post some more writing tips later, if I think of anymore :) I'm glad you liked them!
    My book's doing pretty well, I haven't had time to work on it lately but it's on my mind! :D


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