Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Latest Thrift Store Find!

Greetings, to each and every one of my amazing blog-reader-cool-persons.  Hi!
How was your day?
Today Mom and I traveled to the thrift store because I had accumulated some items to donate there...  While standing in my favourite thrift store, she found me an epic shirt that's bright colors (I love bright colors!) and a cool brown coat, as well as some other clothes (like I needed more clothes...  but hey, shirts for $2?  Why not!?).  
I also decided to transform my room from: Meg's Lair (aka Phantom of the Opera theme) / Somewhere Over the Rainbow / the horde of stuff I don't know what to do with to... (drumroll, please) Meg's Lair / Somewhere Over the Rainbow / the horde of stuff I don't know what to do with / Christine's (or Lucie's) cool epic room, which I would kind of picture as white objects, roses, dressing tables, etc.  Not that any of that will actually show up in my room, but...  Since it's already an menagerie of disturbing-ness, why not make it more so by adding more splashes of color or more wall hangings or more random objects to distract the eye? (As you can tell, the theme of this blog post is kind of, "why not?"  And btw, Lucie is from A Tale of Two Cities.  I'm reading the book for school and there's a part of it that discusses her making the house into a home...very inspiring).
Then, Mom and I headed off to the BX.  The trip was ill-planned from the start because instead of going to the eyeglasses shop first, we became distracted and went into the BX.  So after we shopped there - ooh!  (I like to interrupt myself)  Mom got me these epic, rainbow, sparkly pencils!!!  (See below)

...and again...

Okay, I'm done.  I have yet to try them out, so I will try and let you know how cool they are.  But I am very pleased that the manufacturers included turquoise, the color of ovarian cancer awareness...  
Anyway, going back in time, we went to the eyeglasses place to get my bluebird glasses adjusted (oh, I haven't posted pics of my new glasses, have I?  Sorry!) and then ran back into the car.
On a side note, why are moms always right?  Not only do they have eyes in the back of their heads, they also seemed to know, 90% of everything!  For example.  Mom says, "You need to wear a heavy coat."  I don't, and then end up freezing, and then she tells me I can get frostbite.  Anyway, I was freezing because I layered instead of wearing my heavier, feather-filled coat.
But going back to the subject at hand...  we were unpacking our latest finds at home when we realised we'd left the stuff we'd bought at the BX (including the epic pencils) AT THE EYEGLASSES PLACE!  So we called the eyeball people, drove back, picked up the stuff and came home again...
So that's the story of today.  Except I'm not quite done.  Going back to the "Christine or Lucie's room" deal, I got this little mini chandelier votive holder thingy for $2!  (i.e. the title of my blog post!)

(I'm looking for a candle to put in it, but right now the scenty thing fit perfectly, so...yup!)  So the moral of this blog post is...
1 - shop at thrift stores!
2 - don't leave your bags at eyeglass places.

A temporary goodbye for now!  

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