Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Call to Writers! And readers! And random people!

There are so many times I've wanted to blog and haven't gotten around to it, or wanted to rant about something and then gotten over it before I had a chance to blog. :) Well, today I actually have time (at least I think I do) so here I am!  Hi!!!

Recently I've been frustrated / saddened / disturbed / whatever by the lack of good books!  I have read so many good books, but lately I have had trouble finding any.  I don't go to the library as much as I used to, which might have something to do with it (hey, the song I was listening to just said "do"...), but still.  I put in an order the other day and of course, tried to order a bunch of stuff I didn't really need so I could get the free shipping (for orders over $25, I think).  I know of an very, very good series that recently came out with another book.  I ordered it, but I was sooo disappointed.  Not only was it written differently, it also had language issues. I read it because I am still loyal to the first few books of the series, but I would not recommend that book in particular. 

I have read some really good Christian books lately, which I hope to review.  I also enjoy reading classics, but since they can sometimes be a little tedious, I like to have an "exciting" book to read at the same time.  

Well, I'm not here just to complain.  I'm here to tell WRITERS: Never stop writing!  This world needs good, morally sound books.  This is a (somewhat lame) call to authors not to give up and to keep (hey, the song I'm listening to just said "keep"!) up their work!  To READERS, keep supporting good books.  Review the ones you like and tell others about them.  Also, you really should consider writing!  Some people would disagree with me but I think everyone has SOME kind of writing talent, whether it's poetry, storytelling, novels, song lyrics, etc. And even if you are not "meant" (okay, the song just said "meant"!  I should stop talking about the songs I'm listening to...) to be a writer, that's cool too!!!  RANDOM PEOPLE: Go read / write a good book.  Do it.


Oh yes, and I'm considering making a separate writing blog, BUT, is that insane to have so many blogs?  I've had some ideas for a bunch of writing articles / rants / whatevers and didn't know if I wanted them completely taking over my personal blog. Thoughts?

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  1. I love this post:) fun! Haha what song was that? Oh and you and me and sarah need to do group skype SOON!


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