Thursday, 15 March 2012

T.N.T. - Uke Pt. 2

Ukey and I have separation issues.

Okay, well maybe I'm not that important to him but almost every time I leave my room, I want to take him with me!  I really enjoy playing the ukulele, sometimes the chords sound really freaky when I play them and I want to go hide in the closet (again), but I like how I can already play songs on it, when I haven't even had it a week yet. I'm used to piano, where you practice for 5 years before you can play something that's actually pretty cool.  :P

Anyway, Ukey doesn't have a name yet.  Right now he's nick-named Pukey-Ukey.  Not because I threw up on him (I didn't!!!!!!!!!!) but just because it rhymes.  :p  Any ideas?  Here's  a photo in case you want to see him / need inspiration.  :)

I'm thinking maybe Frances?  That's a really weird name for a uke, I know, but that's what my friend and I named the dead crawfish we looked at in biology yesterday...

~ Klarabelle

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  1. WHOOOOAH! Epicness. Love Francis! SO cool.


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