Monday, 12 March 2012

T.N.T. Pt. 4 - THE UKE IS HERE!!!

So today, Mom was pulling into the driveway and said, "I wonder when the ukulele is going to come."  I looked over at the mailbox and didn't see a large box sitting there, so I said, "Not to[day] -" But I stopped short because there by the door (not the mailbox, duh!) was a giant box!!!  So naturally I screamed and waited before the car pulled into the garage before jumping out and grabbing the box, and then attacking it with a steak knife once it was safe inside.  ( safe as you can me with a girl, a knife, and chocolate!)

The story behind the uke:  I was going to order one, but my aunt heard that I wanted to play, and said she had an extra one she could sent me.  EEK!!!  So it came today.

Okay, the story is over.

After tuning the ukulele upside-down...  (long story...well not really, it's just what people say when they don't want to give you all the gruesome details), Mom and I were finally able to play a chord on it that sounded normal!  We figured out how to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow (not the IZ version, just the normal one) and tried to figure out of guitar tabs will work on ukuleles as well.  

So, there you go, I tried something new!  I should actually try something new, called "going to sleep at a decent time", but hey, I'd rather blog.  



  1. Thats soooo cool! Send me a pic:) i am so glad you got one too, they are so fun:)

  2. Welcome to the uke family, girlie!!!!!


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