Sunday, 11 March 2012

Trying Out New Things Pt. 3

Alternately, figuring out how to improve old things...

I have this CD player - well, it's not really mine, it's communal property of the Siert household, but I'm the one who keeps it under my bed - and I can control the volume with my foot.  Which can be very helpful when you're sitting in a chair and don't want to lean halfway over looking dumb, to adjust the volume.  But I used to have to do it with two toes, the big one and the one next to it, and sometimes the volume would go waaay higher than I wanted it to - embarrassing!  So, today I figured out I can do it with only my big toe!  That made me so happy!

I almost fell out of the chair just now trying to adjust the volume with my hand.  Now why was I doing this?  I was trying something new, of course!!!  (jkjk)  Actually the CD player is on the wrong side so I can't reach it very well.

But.  CD players + feet = very interesting.  Try it out!  But wash your feet first, especially if you share the CD player with other people...

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  1. My sister does that all the time....


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