Friday, 2 March 2012

Josh Groban. Eek! (uh-oh, the mice are back)

Okay.  So I haven't been blogging lately.  Mainly because I've been doing school.  Or riding in the car.  Or listening to Josh Groban.


I've had You Raise Me Up and You Are Loved (epic songs btw, check them out!) on my Podi for ages, and one of my really good friends really loves Josh Groban.  But I guess it never really "clicked" with me that I, too, should really like Josh Groban.

You know those stages where you grow tired of the music you just bought (or maybe bought a long time ago) on your Podi?  When new music is not in my life and I feel a want for new music, then my creativity level goes down and my frustration goes up.  It also means I don't have anything to listen to while I'm doing such-and-such - I like to listen to music while I'm writing or drawing or staring at the ceiling, etc.  So, I YouTubed (is that a word?) Remember When It Rained because that was that my friend used to always play on my piano.  And she would sing too.  It was beautiful.  She needs to come do that again.  I'm going to go put this post on her FaceBook wall so she will come sing to me.  ANYWAY, pretty soon I was listening to a bunch of different JG songs and falling in love with each one.

I didn't realise so many of his songs were romantic.  It's quite pleasing to listen to a guy with an amazing voice sing to you.  In general I try not to get obsessed with artists who write romantic music, but...  I guess it's too late.  :D

So currently I'm waiting for my Closer album to come so I can hear more JG.  I think the CD was supposed to come yesterday but something happened; hopefully it will come today.

I'm regaining some of my blog ideas, so I will hopefully post some reviews soon, or at least post SOMETHING.  I'm thinking about doing some book or movie reviews, what do you think?

In the mean time, you should listen to Josh Groban!  If you aren't into music that's extremely romantic, then check out You Are Loved (I never really thought of this song as romantic...), You Raise Me Up or To Where You Are...  Those are my favourites, plus, With You and I forgot what other ones there are.  I watched JG videos until my Podi battery ran out last night so it's dead right now.  Therefore, I can't look up my favourite JG songs.  I'm supposed to be eating breakfast right now I think, so I'm going to get off.  But just sayin'.

I love music!  Well good music.  Not bad music.


  1. I LOVE You Raise Me Up. I just didn't recognize the artist name at first. Miss u lots. A

  2. I have heard that song, You Raise Me Up. :) I like it.


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