Sunday, 17 June 2012

And...we redid my room!

At least, part of it!

Because of the amount of furniture and the size of the room, we couldn't rearrange any of the furniture.  BUT, we changed the bedspread (aka the large purple thing) to match the epic quilt my friend's mom made me.  This is a very special quilt.  My mom saved the clothes I was wearing the night of my cardiac arrest, even though the ER people had to cut up the jeans and shirt.  Mrs. K, a family friend made this special quilt for me using some pieces of the jeans and shirt, i.e. the denim parts are the jeans, and there is a purple part that was the shirt I wore, but I'm not sure if it's showing in this pic.

A close-up of those photos...  a subtle Paris / London theme :) .....

And a picture of trees and a bird! :) .......

I moved the Josephus props and other miscellania onto my dresser...  

The bookshelf still needs some work......

New Board of Epicness........

Little table in the corner... and I finally got an iPod speaker!  It changes color! :) of my pet mice, just for kicks.  :)  
("Just for KICKS"?  What kind of crazy expression is that, anyway?)

So there 'tis!  :)

{About the giveaway: Coming soon!  Giveaway starts July 1, 2012 Lordwilling!}



  1. Your bedroom is beautiful! I absolutely love your new bedspread and the gorgeous quilt :)

    1. Thanks so much Trinka! :) You are very sweet. I apparently now love the color purple, heehee

  2. I love your Narnia poster! And your pet mouse. I think pet mice are so cute! :)

  3. Cute.
    my fav. is the ipod speaker table!!

  4. Doesn't it feel good to re-do a room?!?! Ah, the feeling:) LOVE IT!

  5. Kara! I haven't been on Blogger for ages. Your room is so prettyful! I wish I could have seen it on Skype today. Darn iPod. I love the purpleness of it all!!!

  6. Thanks so much for all the comments everyone! You're so sweet!

    Thanks Korin!!!
    Elizabeth, thanks! I agree, though I've never actually re-done my room before!
    Addie, aw thanks, I recently found out I liked purple! haha


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