Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to Earth

So...I'm back!!!

In case you were wondering, I disappeared from internet connection for about 5 days.  I was at camp, learning how to teach 5-Day Clubs!  I had an amazing time learning how to teach kids about God, share the gospel, and also establishing / continuing some wonderful friendships.  :)  I can't wait to teach my first 5-Day Club - TOMORROW!!!  :)

So, I'm back to earth and I've hit the ground...not necessarily running, but I've landed safely and without too much embarrassment (in the cabin, I chose the bunk nearest the bathroom because I'm one of those people who will run into everything if possible...).  And I'm back on the internet world, catching up with my comments and e-mails and coolness like that.  :)

~ several days later ~

Okay, apparently I never posted the above post.  Fail!

ANYWAY...  news time!

1. Emma redesigned my blog as a "prize" I won from Talia's giveaway a couple months ago!  Thanks so much Emma!  I absolutely love the new blog layout!  Check out Emma's blog here.  She's amazing!

2. (not in any order of importance, I just like to number things, even though I don't like math) LiveAction posted a new video about the sex-selection abortions: what will abortions say when a woman wants to have an abortion based solely on the baby's gender?  Find out here (it's Part 3).

3. For any of you doing school in the summer, hop in the boat with me, and we'll have a party!  (If you're not doing school in the summer, you're still "cool", don't worry)  In other words, I'll be doing some school this summer.  But it's all good.

4. I did my first melty crayon art!

There it is!  Ta-da!  :)

I wanted to have the words "Choose life" cut out of the wax, but I decided to wait until I was a little more experienced with the melting, so I added the words on with puffy paint.  The puffy paint shriveled up though, and didn't stay puffy...  but I'm still excited!  I'm hoping to do another crayon art that says, "Cherish love" soon.

If you want to try out some melted crayon art, Talia has an excellent tutorial on her blog here.

Well, that's all the news I have for now...

Except one more thing...  ~ GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!  You guys blew me away with 24 followers (but don't worry, after you blew me off the face of the earth, I floated back).  If anyone would like to donate something to the giveaway, let me know asap!  Otherwise, you will have to make do with my cool (or lame) prizes.  :)


  1. I love your melted crayon art!

    1. p.s. I could probably sponsor you for the giveaway! Email me!

  2. you want a sponser? i'd love to sponser a blog design!

  3. I could sponsor something!!!! :)

    1. Kara, that would be really neat. I'll e-mail you!

  4. Wow--that melted crayon art is SO neat. I'll have to try that!!
    And again, that's so sad about the gender abortion thing. Breaks my heart and makes me want to cry. That icon for the number of babies currently dying from abortions is CRAZY. What is this world coming to?? Something needs to be said about this. Thanks for taking the courage to write!

    1. (Sorry, late reply!)
      Thanks! :)
      I totally agree. Thanks for standing with me on this important issue, it's very encouraging!

  5. A giveaway sounds neat! :) I like your crayon art!


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