Monday, 27 August 2012

Attempts at Photography aka Random Moments of my Life

Okay, so I'm not really a photographer.  i.e. why this post is titled, attempts at photography.  This is more of a "Random Moments of My Life That Were Caught on Camera" post, than a "I took a cool pic, check it out!"  But that's okay. Cameras were made to be used and enjoyed, by the skilled and the unskilled (at least, I think so...).  :)  So once in a while, I pull out my pink camera - or, more likely in recent times, my purple phone - and snap a few pics.  So I thought I'd share some with you, just for fun.

One day, this heart appeared on the sink...

Frances again... 
Blue nails, pink French tips and zebra stripes!

This is what happens when you ask for, "Two scoops" in a sugar cone.  
Yeah. I asked for a bowl. And this is what happened.........

A paper eiffel tower I printed off the internet and put together... and a purple flower a little boy at Wal-Mart gave me. :) Made my day! So while the flower was still fresh, I took some pics. 

Working in the kitchen can be artistic...

And exciting!

At the biology field trip, we went to the newly updated aquarium and saw these upside-down jellyfish!

Oh, and my daddy is a firm believer in candid photos... because he says those are the ones that end up mattering in the end. Although photos are much easier to take nowadays... here's a candid photo just for kicks. :) 

So there you have it, just a few random moments of my life. :)

Oh and don't forget for the writers out there, I do have a blog about writing and I am now offering editing services. :) 

Ooh and I also have a poll. You should, If you want to! :) 



  1. I love the pics! Your toe nails look amazing and the heart is really cool!

    1. Thanks Kara, you're so sweet! I love your photography too!

  2. Hey, I'm 1lover from Wonderzone. I love the heart on the sink. That is so cool! Once my family found a rock that looked like a heart on the beach!

    1. That's really cool! I love looking for rocks / seashells on the beach! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, (speaker) Kara Klarabelle Siert!

  4. From Riversbend:
    You may not think your a photographer, but I think your photos are neat!


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