Friday, 14 September 2012

Melting Crayons 'n' Stuff / Paint your doors...turquoise!


I have a question for you...

*Warning! Rant!* Why do my precautionary measures to save things always turn into me-doing-the-exact-thing-I-was-trying-to-prevent-myself-from-doing!? Arrrgh. I was attempting to COPY a blog post so that I could have a copy of it in case I accidentally messed it up. But after I highlighted it, instead of clicking COPY I clicked PASTE! Gaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk!  *Okay, rant over. It's safe to read now.*

ANYWAY. I shall now attempt to remake the post from memory...

(Note to self: Be joyful at all times! Joy, joy, joy!!!)

I love rainbows. :) I should probably elaborate. Or not. But I will anyway. I love that rainbows are a sign of God's promise. My fascination with rainbows, however, really began when I was part of the Rainbow choir in a homeschool production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Then in the next homeschool production I was blessed to be able to sing a line from Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which included, "Birds fly over the rainbow, why, then, oh why can't I?" So continued my love of rainbows and bluebirds, too!

Anywayhoo, so... earlier this summer during my melting-crayon-phase, I had the idea to make a Somewhere Over the Rainbow themed crayon art!

So, I...

1) Procured some cheapo crayons, a mini glue gun, canvas and later, letter stickers...and also, paint. What about this paint?

Well when I was working on Draft 1 of "Melting Crayons 'n' Stuff", I decided to merge the post with my in draft article, "Paint your doors...turquoise!" So now we shall take a small deviation to discuss turquoise doors.

*Here begins Paint your doors...turquoise!*

I wanted to paint my doors turquoise, so Mom and I compromised...


Ze process...
1. Sandpaper

2. Blue tape :)

More blue tape (the curvy part was hard to tape!)

Turquoise paint!
(and my mom)

More paint!

Turquoise paint, a cheap roller that fell apart but did its job, and my hand (which did not fall apart thankfully :))

Pretty paint bucket!

Removing the tape...and realizing that the paint soaked through!
But Mom did touch-up so it turned out okay!

Me and ze doors!

Thanks Mom for all the help! :)

So there 'tis, my doors! :)

*End of Paint your doors...turquoise!*

I was able to use a watered down version of that paint ^ to paint my canvas! 
2) I taped a piece of cardboard across the top of the canvas so the crayons wouldn't go where I didn't want them to go (I was somewhat successful)
3) I plugged in the glue gun, inserted crayons in the glue gun, and melted them onto the canvas. However the crayons began to drip on each other, and eventually I left the crayon in the gun too long and said crayon completely liquidated and killed the glue gun. I was so frustrated. I decided to take a break and soon after cleaned up the area because we were leaving on vacation (this was earlier in the summer).
3) A couple weeks ago a friend wanted to see my crayon art, so I took her down to see it. I finally became inspired to finish it, so a couple days ago, I did! My mom suggested that instead of using puffy paint to write, I use letter stickers. We found some black, glittery cursive letters at Michael's that were even on sale (I like good deals, 'kay? :)). She helped me stick them on with tweezers (if you haven't noticed, my mom helps me a lot with my art endeavors...and so much more, heehee). Then, I glued on some origami birds I made (No, they aren't bluebirds like in the song, but they are the main colors of my room!). I also added a ribbon to cover up the place where I'd pulled the cardboard off (it looked unfinished) and Mom helped me to hang it up!

Anyway, here's what you've been waiting for (or not)...ze photos!

Without ze ribbon... (and birds)

Finished project!!!

An interesting question. Why can't I fly over the rainbow?
(Funny, in worldview class today Mom and I were debating whether or not people could fly...)

A close-up 

Hanging on the wall 

Whew, long post. But really, it was 2 posts for of one!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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And don't forget, it's September!

My nails ^


  1. beautiful! love the colors ;)

  2. Ahhh, thanks so much girls! You're so sweet!

  3. I love your doors! That is a neat idea! i would do that if we weren't renting this place an we owned it! I need ideas for my room! Any advice? It's really dull right now. We live in the country so I want a peaceful yet neat look. I really like your melt crayon project as well!

    1. Hey! Sorry, late reply to this comment!
      Ah, I know what you mean. I have never been able to paint the walls because we have been renting, or for some other reason as well. (Though we do own the house we're in currently, it's new, so my parents won't let me paint the walls either. heehee :) Anyway, I know what you mean about wanting to brighten up a room but not being able to paint it. That's pretty cool you live in the county! As far as ideas, hmmm. Maybe if you're doing for peaceful / neat, some plants, wall stickers are great ;), pictures if you can hang pics on the wall. Ahh, I gotta go but talk to you soon!

  4. by the way did your sticker above your closet door say "with God all things are possible?" because I have the same sticker in my bedroom! Funny right?

    1. I'm back!
      Yes indeedy!!! That's so epic that you have the same one!!! :) I have another one that says "Every day is a gift" above my window, and I put both of those stickers up a couple weeks before my cardiac arrest. Today I was at the dollar store and grabbed another one, it says something about friends, but I've already forgotten what it says! lol

  5. You are kidding me!! I have that same sticker "Every day is a gift" in my Loft! I sleep in my loft that is in my bedroom! Pretty cool right? Do you have any ideas for redecorating my bedroom?

    1. I'm taking on the plant idea!

    2. Sorry, late-ish coment! :p

      A loft!? That is very, very epic! :)

      Haha, no problem, I do that too :) (about asking already-answered questions! Ahhh, I put two "ed"'s on "answered"! Now who's the blonde? :D) Anyway, plants, yes!!! You can go the fake plant route if you want, much less care involved :) Our fam has a few plants. African violets work well. We tried an orchid and that was utter failure... it died... orchids are hard to take care of. Just a random bonus there. But yes, plants are cool! I guess one tip also to helping the room be more peaceful is to avoid clutter. You probably don't have this problem, but I do; I'm always buying little nick-nacks, but since I don't have a lot of spaces to display said nick-nacks, I put them all in the same place(s) and then it looks all cluttery and probably makes my friends feel claustrophobic. lol

  6. i just realized I asked a question you already answered.... what a blond! LOL

  7. looks great! and I also love the color-sorted books on your shelf! =)

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! :D You're so sweet! :)

  8. looks great! and I also love the color-sorted books on your shelf! =)


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