Sunday, 30 September 2012

Post about Guys #2

While we're on the topic of guys and romance...

The world has a bucket list.
It looks something like this.

[x] receive flowers from a guy
[x] hold hands with a guy
[x] get asked out 
[x] get a boyfriend
[x] kiss my boyfriend
[x] hear him say, "I love you"...
[] etc.

But for us, shouldn't it look a little different?

In Sarah Mally's book, Before You Meet Prince Charming, she writes out a list of a few "firsts" you can save for your husband, like first special memory, gift given, personal letter, serious ongoing correspondance, words of affection or love, a ring, special nickname, etc. as well as the first kiss.  To the world, that list is like a bucket list - how many of those things can we check off?  But when I realized how many of the "firsts" I'd already unwittingly given away, I could only endeavor to save the rest for my husband.  Instead of trying to figure out how we can "check off" most of these things, let's see how many we can save for our future husbands!

I was feeling rather inspired so I made this little graphic on Powerpoint / Paint to go with today's post! It's not the best quality because I don't know much about making these graphic thingymabobbers, but here 'tis, and you can use it however you like!



  1. Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Your blog is really versaatile, it talks about a lot of stuff! I love hearing your opinions.

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for the award, you're so sweet! I'll try and post about the award soonish! :)

  2. Riversbend-
    Neat thoughts! Yes!! Finally someone else who agrees about the whole guy thing! My parents are totally for me waiting for everything until marriage. Also I am not allowed to court(or date) until I am 18. I am actually happy to have parents who want to protect me and that truly care for me. That is if the Lord has a guy in His plans for my life. My calling could be singleness. But I am letting the Lord be in control of that!

    1. Riversbend, thanks so much for the comment... yes! That is wonderful; thanks for sharing. I agree, I love knowing that my parents love me and care for me and want to protect me. Even though it can be tough sometimes, I know they want the best for me, and they also want God's best for me. :) Thanks for your comment, and excited that you are waiting to date / court. :)


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