Friday, 9 November 2012

The Love of Books...and Libraries

I went to the library today.

I haven't been in months. :p I haven't read a book in a months, actually. I know it's sounds terrifying and ridiculous (especially for those of you who haven't hit 9th grade yet), but sometimes I really do believe that highschoolers don't have time for books.


I know. I just said something probably radical and horrifying. But that's why I said, "Sometimes" and "I really do believe". You can't argue with that, can you?


"Time for books" DOES NOT count assigned reading, no matter how epic and wonderful that assigned reading is. The "time for books" I'm referring to is reading books for fun. Any book that catches my interest. Sitting down and letting myself become lost inside, completely enthralled with the characters and whatever is happening to them, and not leaving that world until I'm ready (or until the book's over).

I used to read all the time. I could read in the car {which now makes me carsick}, and I had more time on my hands, so both of those things helped. But now I haven't read a book for fun in quite a while, and have not become thoroughly engrossed in a novel for a few months now. I'm not complaining here, just commenting.

I think the last time I went to the library was several months ago. If I remember correctly, it was a stop-and-go visit; Mom (or I) were simply returning the books I'd used for my research paper. Today Mom and I needed to check out some books for chemistry, and I peeked at the novels in the children's section while she was looking for the chemistry books. {For the record, I don't go to the teenager section... it is scary! It is filled with creepy-looking books...} I love the children's section because I feel somewhat safe there, AND I feel tall, cuz the shelves are only a few inches taller than me. (Needless to say, I am short. How short I am is a secret, can guess). 

I'd forgotten how wonderful libraries are. How I walk along the shelves, reading titles until one catches my interest. How I pull out a book and read the back cover or the dust jacket flap, and weigh the odds of whether I am interested enough to commit to - at least - checking the book out, and hopefully read it in the future and return it on time. Sometimes I politely replace the book, or leave it for another time. Other times I can't put it back, and it comes with me to the library desk to be checked out. 

I love books, and I'm pretty sure most of my blog visitors do, too. I encourage you to pick up a book this week, whether it be a beloved, tattered copy that's been read countless times; a book that you bought, meant to read, but have not yet; or a book that calls out to you from the library shelf... make time for that book. :) Even if you only read one chapter. 


P.S. I haven't been very active in the blogosphere lately... sorry! My laptop won't let me comment on blogs that require me to prove I'm not a robot. :p {long-ish story} BUT, I haven't forgotten you all, and I do check your blogs, I just read and then leave without a comment, like a creeper. {Just kidding. If you read my blog and don't comment, I will not call you a creeper...}
P.P.S. How's your life!? 


  1. Oh Kara! I LOVE books too! :-) especially God-honoring ones...

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE books.

    I'm in 9th grade, and I read a LOT. Like, in the car, at school, EVERYWHERE.
    I get scolded sometimes for reading too much lol.

    I'm short, too! I'm 5'1"!

    1. Lolz! I'm so glad you have time to read. : ) Reading in the car rocks!

  3. I too have not had time for books since I began high school. Perhaps I read a bit during Freshman year, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. The library is one of my favorite places, it is full of so many mysterious books. One will pull out a book and wonder how many times someone else has done the same, and how many times that particular book ended up on someone's desk back at home (or in a stack on the floor, as mine always end up.) Fortunately for me, finals are this week! After hours of agonizing studying and testing, I will have TWO WHOLE WEEKS of complete NOTHINGNESS!!!! I plan to spend that entire time reading and writing. I love your blogs, and this particular post has made me a bit thirsty to read more... if only they had a better library at my campus. *Sigh*

    1. This is such a cool comment. : ) It would be very interesting to find out everywhere that a library book goes. Like, attach a camera to it! :D
      On your campus!?

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. : ) You make me inspired to blog on and read more! : )

  5. Hey Kara! It is Riversbend! I really liked your post! I enjoy reading very much1 I have been busy with school reading but I have found time to read anyway! I really like mystery books(that involve the Lord of course!), adventures, and stories where you feel apart of it! Many people have told me I have the gift of writing. I used to write every day whether it was a poem, short story, or a thought. I hate to confess i have not written in some time. I keep a journal though. I have started two books that I won't ever finish!*sigh* but I can always start anew! Are there any good authors or books you could maybe tell me about? I am in need of some new things!
    P.S. I agree! The teenage section is scary and some what sad to look through. It is sad to see how much evil things people read now of days! God bless!


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