Friday, 16 November 2012

Smashbook Pics


I thought I'd post those pics of the Smashbook I mentioned a while ago! I ended up getting two, a pink one - "Pretty Style" and a red one, "Doodle Style", because the former didn't completely fit my personality / style like the red one did. I'm planning to still use both, but for different things. : )

Pretty Style...Before
(pic of original Smashbook from)

During / After : ) 
I decided to color the front...
 I like color and I like to color...

All finished! 
(Actually, I added a ribbon to it, but I don't have a pic of it! :))

Now, for the Doodle style! If you wanna see a pic, click here
(The comp is being difficult and doesn't want me to upload any more pics) 

I colored this one, too.

...and added braided ribbon and bird charms on the side.  

I cut the letters on paper, glued the onto another paper, cut it out and traced the letters. 

A weird angle


Thanks for looking! : ) Oh, and if you're wondering about the significance of the "Seventeen"... let's just say my b'day is coming up and I'm really excited! : ) And yes, I'm gonna be old. ;)

I'm hoping to use the "Seventeen" Smashbook to put pics, souvenirs, etc. from when I'm 17. But I already cheated and stuck some stickers on there (and, of course, decorated the cover...) before my b'day. :p As for the pink one, I'll probably just put random photos from Pinterest in it... :) And quotes I like.

For those of you with Smashbooks / art journals / whatevers, what do you plan to put in them!? 

On a completely unrelated note, my air plant has a pup! (Actually,two, but only one is pictured). {Pup = baby air plant}

How are you all doing? At the moment I have a bad cold which seems to have settled in my throat. I'm kind of sad because I have something tomorrow (Nov. 17th) that I was hoping to sing at, but I will probably end up just listening. Oh well.

~ Lordwilling, hopefully posting a Thanksgiving / how-to-decipher-the-worldview-of-a-song article / post / thingy soon! ~ 

Have a great day!



  1. wow! you are amazing @ this ! great job.

  2. You did an excellent job!

  3. P.S. Do you have any good Christian books or authors you could pass on? I really need new authors and books! Thanks!

    1. Ahh, good q! : ) Well, I really have enjoyed the Christian Heritage Series by Nancy Rue. I have only read the "Williamsburg Years" part of the series, but they are a historical fiction series about American history. They're really exciting / interesting and it's nice to be able to learn to learn about history while reading something for fun. They're out of print but they are available used or possibly at libraries, I know our library has them. Also, have you read the Kingdom series? They're an allegorical series set in another world and they're pretty good too.

    2. thanks! I have not read these but they sound interesting! I will look them up to see if they are at my Library.

  4. Thanks so much, girls! You're so sweet! : )


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