Monday, 19 November 2012


Ahh, life. It can be crazy...and beautiful too. Sometimes crazy and unexpected things happen, but at least as Christians, we can rest in the hope that everything that happens to us is allowed by God for a reason, even if we don't always understand what that reason is.

I came down with a bad sore throat on Thursday which ended up with the cancellation (and rescheduling :)) of some birthday plans for the weekend. Today - Monday - I'm still recovering but feeling much better. :) It was an awful sore throat and I'm glad it is leaving! I also had a fever (temperature at 102!?) and chills (freezing! then hot! then back to freezing!) but on the plus side, I got to...

- eat ice cream for breakfast (mwahahaha...)
- watch Lord of the Rings with my mom :)
- help Mom put up the Christmas tree - before my birthday (Nov 21st)! That's gotta be a "first" for my family!

Okay, those things were really fun. I actually would've preferred to stay heathy, but oh well, those are the, uh, fun? parts of being sick.

Otherwise, not a lot has been happening with me except rediscovering my love of reading after posting this. I finished the books from the library several days ago and today have been reading Alice in Wonderland. No, I've never read it before! So far I can say, it is an extremely strange, but quite fun, read! It's very interesting to see where the moviemakers for the latest Alice in Wonderland movie received their inspiration.

A Thanksgiving post coming soon! (Lordwilling!)

Happy Thanksgiving {in advance}!



  1. Thought of you being sick and prayed for you! Hope your Birthday goes well! And....Happy early Birthday!


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