Friday, 19 October 2012

SMASH Journals - a fashionesque post

Hey all!

What's up with ya'll? Hope you're all doing well! :)

The other day I was at Michael's and saw something called a SMASH Journal. I love journaling, scrapbooking, and squishing things, so I took a peek at it but then ahd to move on. When I got home, I looked it up on the internet... they look so amazing!

I'm guessing it's just another gimmick, but it looks like scrapbooking... the un-traditional way! :D I was never a committed scrapbooker (that's my mom's job), though I loved the photos, stickers and pretty paper. It looks like with SMASH, it's a journal / scrapbook made so you can write your thoughts, stick in special things, and smash it all in!

I'm enraptured!!!

Here are some pages from Smashbooks / related entities

(Pics from Pinterest)

The journals remind me of a special book my friend made for me when I was in the hospital for cardiac arrest. She decorated the pages with cute paper and different decorations, and made it so that visiting friends and family could write me a note in there. It's a book I will always love, cherish and be forever thankful for!

I'm famous for falling for gimmicks (I want an air plant...randomly) and it's typical for me to see something and think about it continually until I eventually buy it. I'm crazy, but I'm me. (I'm working on turning into a reformed me, the me that Jesus wants to be - it rhymes! - but it's a "me" long in the making.) I'm thinking about getting one of the journals and using it to chronicle the next year of my life... (I'm about to have a b'day). I journal obsessively and also enjoy handwriting random scenes of my book(s) in the same journal, so I would probably keep two journals, a SMASH one and a "normal" one.

I love looking at all the different pages people have uploaded on the internet. So inspiring...and each journal page is customized to that person's interests / thoughts of the day!

Anyway, what do ya'll think? Do you think they're a cute idea? Would you get one, or would you rather come up with your own version? :) If you got one, do you think you'd use it?

*A couple days later*
AAARRRGHH, I keep finding excuses not to post this! I wanted to put a pic up of me and my Smashbook (yes! I got one!), but I'm just going to publish this. :p

*I am in no way affiliated with K&Company or their amazing SMASH journals, or Michael's, for that matter. I'm just a random blogger who saw their cool products at a cool store. :D


  1. I want a SMASH journal so badly!!

  2. I have one, and I love it! I have mine in sky blue, but when I totally SMASH IT UP!!!!! and fill it, I want a red one. <3
    I hope you enjoy your's! K&Company also has many cool things to put in your SMASH book that you can buy. :)

    1. Ahhh! Madeline, that is super cool. I have the red one now. :D Ooh, I love all the cool Smashbook accessories that are available! Just too many to choose from! lol (randomly, I tried over and over again to figure out how to spell "accessories" before finally resorting to using Spell check... (the spell check on Blogger tells me that I've spelled something wrong, but doesn't tell me how to fix it! Argh! ;)

  3. Kara! I really like the idea of a SMASH book! It sounds unique and a good way for people to express themselves and have no one to criticize them. It is a way of relieving stress and a peaceful thing to do I think!! I really like journals! My birthday is next week and I told my parents I want journals and earrings. My dad was like, "Journals? and earrings that's it? And I said that is all I want. I have everything I need and am perfectly satisfied with what I have. After all this life isn't about me right?


    1. Yes, I agree!!! I always have great ideas for decorating but never get inspired to finish I'm hoping the pretty pages that come with the Smashbook will inspire me to keep going and not stop after a couple pages! lol

      I love journals too!!! I journal mainly in large spiral notebooks (in which I also write excerpts of my stories) but I love pretty journals too. That's super cool that you want journals and earrings. ;) Sounds like something I'd ask for (except I don't have my ears pierced. :p). You have such a good, content, positive attitude about things! :D So inspiring...thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey by the way! I have noticed how you have October baby on your site! I am watching it for the second time for my birthday party. Get it... since i was born in October? I thought that was kind of neat!

    1. AHHH! I love that movie! (Well, I guess you figured it That is SO COOL you are watching it at your b'day party and you were born in Oct.! Now I almost wish I was born in Oct... ;) Just kidding, but I think that's so neat! I was so excited when I heard about the movie coming out... (I didn't find out until a couple days before its release) anyway, it's one of my faves. I reviewed it here , though it's probably nothing you haven't heard already ;) But, anyway, I should stop rambling.... :D Thanks for commenting! <3

  5. Hey Kara! :) I have never heard of SMASH journaling, so I had to look it up. Have you ever heard of art journaling, which is very similar? I just recently saw some pictures of some art journals and they are SO creative! I'm currently making an art journal for my friend's birthday. It's like a scrapbook with quotes but put together in a creative way, like the pictures you posted. I have pictures of me and her and things that we do together, friendship quotes/bible verses, and I've used some really pretty paper in her favorite colors and have painted and used stickers.... hahaha!!!! It is SO MUCH FUN to do and an amazing way to save the memories. :) AND channel creative energy. I can't wait to make another one later on.

    I'm like you, I scrapbook occasionally (sadly I am really behind on it!) and I LOVE journaling (although I don't do it on a daily basis!). So this is a really good idea and I am really looking forward to making some more art journals in the future!

    Sorry for the insanely long comment, but I love all things with scrapbook paper and pens so... yeah. :) Have a great day!!

    Love, Haley

    PS would LOVE to see pics of your smash journal!!

    1. Haleyyy! : ) Thanks so much for commenting! Wow, art journals sound amazing!!!!!! That's so neat you're making one for a friend...sounds like a great, unique and super sweet gift! No, I love long comments (and short ones too). Comments in general make my day! : ) Scrapbooks and pens... (and stickers)... yayyy!
      Sure thing! I'll try to post once I actually do something with one of them... (at the moment there's just pictures lying on the pages, not stuck down. :D)
      Love ya! - Kara

    2. Hey Kara! :). I think art journaling will definitely stick around in y hour now! I finished it today and I didn't want to give it to my friend! :). I can't wait to see pics when you finish us! :). Have a great day!

      Love, Haley

    3. *my house, not y hour... Auto correct, grr!

    4. Lol for autocorrect. : )
      Sounds good. I'm trying not to work on one of mine until after my b'day... (I thought I could do a Smashbook for being 17) but it's not working! I can't resist gluing stuff in! lolz


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