Monday, 8 October 2012

Insight Into My Insanity #1

Actually, I'm just kidding! This post will in no way help you to understand my insanity. But I liked the way "Insight" and "insanity" sounded together, so I used it. Sorry. :p

Anyway, it's your fault I'm posting this, you requested it. ;) Just kidding, I really appreciate your input! And, I labeled this post art... why?
a. because I don't post enough about art
b. I'm sure it's been said many times before, but people are like works of art in the making, right?

Anyway, this is kind of inspired by Talia's post, If We're Gonna Be Friends... So, I thought I would post 10 of my quirks...and if you want, you can post 10 of your crazy quirks / random facts about yourself that people may not know - on your blog and leave the link! :) I'd love to hear about your bits of insanity, too!

Okay, here we go...

1. I used to love cold coffee-flavored things (like coffee-flavored ice cream) but not actual coffee. Recently I tried my first cup of coffee and actually was not repulsed and horrified by it!!!

2. I am fascinated while at the same time repulsed by giant African millipedes (so cute!) (ewww, gross!)
3. I never dropped a pick into any instrument until a few weeks ago.
4. I often try to harmonize when listening to music. I'm not a natural harmonizer, so it sounds very...interesting. :p
5. I prefer canned green beans over fresh green beans.
6. I usually count stairs as I walk up them.
7. I adore stuffed animals. When I was a kid, I bought a ton of them from thrift stores. I still have a bunch of them, though I no longer have 300. :)
8. I used to be extremely cynophobic.
9. I am kinda phonophobic now.
10. I actually had trouble coming up with 10 things! :p

I might do another of these posts sometime, when I can think up enough odd things about me to make a set of 10. ;)

I messed around on PicMonkey and made a couple graphics you girls can use if you want to do a post about your insanity, too. :) (even though the title is a bit misleading...maybe you can figure out a way to make it work.) PicMonkey doesn't have a copyright on using their fonts to make graphics, does it? :D Also, I used the colors Emma used to design my blog, hope that's okay too! :)

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I love you! And millipedes are gross.

    1. I love you too, but they are beautiful. :D

    2. I have to disagree with you there, m'dear. Anything with more than eight legs is considered by at least myself to be gross.

  2. Here Kara Klarabelle. This is the link to my insanity list on my blog Being a God Girl:

    1. Hey, thanks so much for giving me the link. I loved your post!

  3. Hwy it's Riversbend! Alright here we go! Ten things that are kind of interesting about me!
    1. I am a health nut!
    2. I am against abortion!(our church is doing this thing called 40 days for life! It's really neat!)
    3. I like to pretend I am a great ballet dancer sometimes!
    4. I really like zucchini!(fried, in bread, or in a veggie dish mixture)
    5. I am into Nancy Drew computer games.
    6. I count train cars as they go by.
    7. I am a perfectionist!(Bad habit!) I get mad when I get an 88 percent on a test.
    8. I really love to minister to people about the Lord.
    9. I prefer talking on the phone instead of texting!(so many people are distracted by texting! And you are not really talking to people when you're texting. Also you can hear your friend's voice when you talk on the phone.
    10. I am an on fire Christian for JESUS CHRIST!!!
    Hope you enjoy Kara!!

    1. Riversbend!!! Thanks so much for sharing 10 things about you...I love them!
      1 - Nuts are yummy:) (Okay, pardon the pun there).
      2 - That is so awesome about your church doing 40 days for life! And I'm so glad you are pro-life too...that is something I am also very passionate about and one of the more recent things involving abortion is abortion based in the gender of the child.
      3 - Ballet is cool! :)
      4 - My mom likes zucchini... :D I do too...sometimes.
      5 - nice!!! My dad and I used to do them together...they were pretty cool! Which ones do you like?
      6. Oooh!!! My family does that too!
      7. Awww! But the world does need perfectionists to keep everyone else in line ;)
      8. That's wonderful!
      9. Heehee, good points there! Phones make me nervous, so I do prefer texting, but...yeah! :D
      10. <3
      Thanks so much for commenting... :D

    2. You're Welcome! Any time! I like sharing with you!


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