Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Just Another Type-and-Publish Post (with random photographs)


Images won't show up on my computer screen... they have disappeared! I'm hoping a reboot of the computer will help, but until then, I can't comment on your blogs (from this computer) if you have a "Prove you're not a robot" because the computer won't show me the image!!! lol

Anywaywhoo, the other day I posted on my writing blog... And I thought I'd tell you the full version of that story. :p There's probably a story (albeit a boring one) behind every one of my blog posts, but this one's actually pretty interesting. Well, I think so.

After looking through the blogosphere I became extremely inspired to post something wordy on my writing blog. So I did. It took longer than I thought it would, so when I'd finished I decided to go to bed. I realized I didn't have my water bottle, so after a few moments of mental debate, decided to go and grab a glass of water. I'm one of those people who turns on all the lights, so after grabbing my glass of water I turned off the lights as I walked back to my room. So then I turned out the lights in my room and tried to go to sleep. Then my phone lit up, which meant I either missed a call or got a text (I usually have my phone on silent, so I don't know the difference). I thought my parents might possibly have texted me to see if I was ok (after hearing me grab the glass of water), which was actually a really strange idea, but it was 10:30ish at night, so I'll use that as my excuse. My phone battery was dying, so I turned it off and then tried to go to sleep (or I might've been listening to music...probably that, actually). Then I realized I was still wearing makeup, so I had to turn on all the lights (well, my room + bathroom) and remove said makeup. Then I turned off all the lights and got back in bed. Aaand... then I decided I wanted a drink so I grabbed the glass, but it got stuck to the coaster and spilled. So then - well, you know what I'm gonna say next, right? I turned on "all" the lights to grab a towel and clean it up. After that, I think I actually went to sleep. But, there you go, that's the full story of what happened after I posted on my writing blog. :p 

In case that was completely boring (it's better when told in person), here are some photographs for you. I learned how to use some photo-editing websites, so I messed around with some photos!

And you'll probably notice...I really like turquoise. :D

Yes, this is the same chandelier that I mentioned here!
My mom suggested putting this candle holder in it.

I have this photo as my profile photo at the moment.
I couldn't remember which font / photo editing site I used for the lettering I used then! :p

A sneak peak of the new decor for my dresser
(Mostly thrift store finds :))

Emma! and Pride and Prejudice.

Except, I can't see them. They "look" invisible to me. :p So, hopefully they show up on your computer. Otherwise, it will be very strange. Anyway, I'm not exactly a photographer but I do like to have fun with the camera! :)

I titled this a "Type-and-Publish" because it meant it wasn't one I'd just grabbed out of drafts and published. But, I actually ended up copy-pasting the photos I had saved in drafts...so... never mind. :p


P.S. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my Smashbook post! I'll try and post pics of my Smashbook once I actually...start...uh, using it. : ) At the moment I'm just searching for inspirational pictures and printing them off. :D

P.P.S. Happy birthday, Riversbend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your day was spectacular!!!!!! : ) 


  1. Ahhhhh Teal is my favorite color too!!!!

  2. Thank you! I had a spectacular birthday!


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