Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sometimes I Wish...

... that my eyelashes were longer.
... that I didn't cry so easily about silly things.
... that I cried more often about things that are important, like movie characters dying. :p
... that I was good at math.
... that I was better at playing piano.
... that I was more confident.
... that I knew how to dance.
... that I had a vibrato.
... that I would stop forgetting words that I wanted to say.
... that I had a better sense of style.
... that I wasn't so ticklish.
... that I didn't lose my temper so easily.

Is it wrong to give voice to our wishes? Is it foolish to imagine what, often times, cannot be? I guess it depends. When I write down my wishes, I realize that many of them are silly. I realize that some of them (like the length of my eyelashes) are unchangeable. Others, such as self-control, are gained only by God's help and a spirit which is willing to learn.

Maybe it's good to write out one's wishes.

Only then can you let them go.



  1. From Riversbend:
    I do not think it is bad to write one's wishes down and in fact, I agree that only when this done can they be let go. I will encourage you with one thing: No one can be you, better than you. You were designed by God to be you. NO ONE in this world could every take your place!:) I often have wishes too. . . to be more bold, be A+ student in all my subjects, and one thing in common not forget things I want to say! Often when I have just the right words to say to someone, my words never come out the way I planned. It has been difficult to accept myself for the way God made me, but I think he made it that way for a reason--for us to see how we are so hopeless, lost, and puny without him!:) But with HIM, all things are possible!

    1. Hey Riversbend! :) Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. And thanks so much for the encouragement, too. It is so awesome that God can do the impossible, even though we can't, and that God loves us (despite our faults) and is willing to help us overcome our struggles when we surrender to Him and let Him take control of our lives. I agree - we are hopeless on our own. :) I am so thankful for a God that can do the impossible!

  2. Wow this is very thought-provoking, Kara! :) Good job!

  3. Kara, what an amazing post!!! I think that it is a good idea to voice our wishes sometimes. I know exactly how it feels to feel unsure of my self sometimes... but please know that I love you just the way you are!!! :)


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