Tuesday, 7 May 2013

To Drive or Not to Drive

*I posted this many months ago, but accidentally deleted it. So, um, here it is again...*

Does this happen to you? It seems that when adults meet me and find out my age they usually ask one of two questions.
1. Are you learning to drive yet?
2. Where are you going to college?

To the first question, I reply, "No, not yet" which branches into two options:
a. Oh, that's all right. You've still got time.
b. Why not?

To Answer A, I smile politely and occasionally I will discuss the dangers of driving and the reasons why I am not driving yet.
To answer B, I will do the latter half of Answer A. And that answer goes something like...

- I'm an only child, so my parents drive me around everywhere. :)
- I don't have a car to drive (my parents only have stickshift...I need to drive automatic...)
- Even if I am a safe driver, it doesn't mean everyone else on the road is a safe driver. So I'm going to wait for now. I'll drive...eventually (Lordwilling).

But recently... it happened.

My dad has been talking about the possibility of me learning to drive soon and we even went to some car lots to look at cars. Then this a couple weeks ago, my family went to visit some of my relatives who live on a farm. While we were on the farm Dad also hoped I would be able to drive my grandpa's Polaris. It's not exactly a car, but it has a steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake (very important!), 4 wheels, a geer-shifty-thing and an ignition.

I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously.

So if you want to know more about it, here's the whole story (or most of it).
I was hoping Dad would drive it around first but he didn't. So I drove off with Dad telling me what to do as we went along. Then mom hopped in. After that round of driving, my parents hopped out and my aunt climbed in. :) I drove several times that day. At first I just drove around in circles, but eventually we went down the lane and turned around in the street. The next day, my aunt and I drove out on the road. :) (It's in the country, there weren't many cars).

Although I'm still not super excited about driving, I did enjoy driving the Polaris. :)

Here is picture proof...

And they all lived happily ever after.
The end.

What about you? Are you looking forward to driving? Already driving? Not interested in driving? :)


So, basically the update since this post is that I finally got my permit and have driven around in a parking lot! :O And survived... obviously. :) 


  1. How do you like driving? I am getting my permit when I turn 15 but have driven the riding lawn mower since I was 10 (does that count ;)?

    1. Hey Kara! :) Driving is pretty exciting! I haven't actually gone onto a road yet, though (and I'm fine with that; I'm not ready quite yet). Hey, driving the riding lawn mower sounds like it would be good practice! The first time I drove, I was used to the brake on my grandpa's Polaris, so I kept jamming the break down really hard and giving my mom and I whiplash! :O

  2. From Riversbend:
    I will too, like Kara, get my permit when I am 15, but I am looking forward to getting it done sooner that way I will not have to do it later! Does that make sense?:)

    1. Hey Riversbend! That totally makes sense! :)

  3. I actually just finished learning how to drive. I haven't gotten my liscense yet though. My parents still freak out when I drive but then they say you are a super good driver. lol

    1. Cool stuff! Haha, I kinda know what you mean. Well, at least they know that you're a good driver; they're just nervous! :)


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