Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Life Lately

Instead of posting a bunch of random little posts, I thought I'd combine them all in one... consolidation! Yesss!

Thursday, April 25
After my reading revolution {in which, after a period of pathetic non-reading, I started reading books again} I started accumulating large quantities of books from thrift stores (namely classics I had hoped to read and happened to find at the thrift store ;)). <--- double chin smiley, as Talia and I would say ;) Anyway, my bookshelf filled up so I started boxing books (as in, placing them in fancy boxes... not using them as punching bags. Agh! That thought is deplorable...). I wanted to get another bookshelf, preferably a skinny black bookshelf that would match the other furniture in my room. I looked at Wal-Mart's bookshelves (yes, I am a Wal-Mart fan. No apologies there), but I had to save my $$$ for a trip, so I decided to wait. Then, on Thursday, Mom and Dad went on a walk and came back saying, "Happy birthday!" I was completely confused until I realized they had carried home shelves! Someone had been throwing them away, so my parents rescued them for me :) Aren't they the sweetest? {my parents. But, the shelves too}


Friday-Sunday, April 26-28
On Friday morning, my family and I left for a Christian conference in Branson. The conference was phenomenal, I was inspired and encouraged and by being around likeminded Christians, and also saddened by some of the sobering topics we discussed (but at the same time hopeful, because we know that everything that happens is part of God's plan, and He is all-powerful!).

Also, Branson at this time of year is lovely. :) Where I live, the leaves on the trees, for the most part, haven't opened yet. (I say it is because they are suspicious; weather around here is subject to change, so they want to make sure it really is spring-like weather before they pop out. ;)) I enjoyed seeing all the various shades of green, along with the blooming trees. *dreamy sigh* So, I took some pics, which may or may not be posted here... we'll see if I remember. ;)

Also, on this trip, an assumedly ferocious insect (or arachnid) decided to visit me... and to let me know he'd stopped be, he left six bug bites to prove it! Um, thanks!? My hand is now in recovery, but I have concluded that it is very problematic when hypochondriacs develop blisters... they are sopo fascinating! And scary! All at the same time! {I'm not exactly a hypochondriac, but I can act like one... sometimes...}

Thursday, May 2
I finally got my permit!!! {Basically, I got my permit later than most people my age do, BUT, I have my reasons. Now, however, is finally the time!} I drove around in a parking lot... {I re-posted an old post that was accidentally deleted below... To Drive or Not to Drive :)}

Friday-Sunday, May 3-5
We got snow on Friday. :O Yes, I'm serious...
Over the weekend we also visited our relatives in the neighboring state because my cousin was having a baby shower. They received even MORE snow in their state...

Tuesday, May 7
I realized it was about time to post something, so... here you go!


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  1. From Riversbend:
    Glad to here you passed the permit test! Way to go!


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