Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Being a Teenager

Well, I'm back!
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Anyway, I'm back now. What have I missed?

Since I can't think of anything extremely profound to say, here's a post that I wrote a while ago... enjoy!

In recent years, a new period of life has been added on to the American human's life. It's a time for people to act rebelliously, irresponsibly, and rudely. This age group is known as - you guessed it - the "teenagers". But does it really have to be that way?

I won't hide the fact that as you grow from a preteen girl to a teenager to an adult, it's not always easy. You're trying to learn independence while still being under the guidance and authority of your parents. Wills clash and arguments flare, but as someone who is a little older than most of you out there...I just wanna give you some advice / encouragement.

The world encourages teenagers to "be themselves". To look deep inside of themselves and find out who they really are. To be their unique self. To do what feels right. That's the secret to happiness, the world says. The world encourages girls to use the teenage years to discover their own special selves and to celebrate being...them.

Er, well...

First of all, we don't have to be rebellious. Your social ID doesn't have to look like:

Name: (fill it in)
Occupation: Rebellious Teenager

Although you may not always agree with your parents, you can still submit to their authority.

Now I understand that some of you may have parents who are divorced or parents who are not Christians. Even though this is not an ideal situation for you, don't worry. God will be with you. You can stills submit to your parents even if they aren't Christians, as long as submitting to them does not go against God's will. In fact, if you are a godly example, they may even be curious about your faith and your actions might encourage them to inquire about your beliefs.

An Ugly Little Sin
I didn't used to think I was prideful. I mean, I wasn't acting like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast! But I am. I often find myself arguing with my mom about things that do not matter! But I argue anyway, because of my pride. That's what it - pardon the cliche - all boils down to, for me at least.

As usual, this is an all-over-the-place post. But I just wanna tell you, your parents are probably really cool people. Yeah, I know they're not perfect - but let's face it, we sure aren't perfect little angels either (though some people might think we are? lol). We're all unworthy sinners who have been offered divine grace. There's no room for pride there.

An Umbrella
God gave us parents to teach and protect us. As far as the protection part of it, picture yourself standing with your parents under a large umbrella. They're holding the handle. That umbrella is your parents' protection. When you scorn your parents' warnings and advice and disobey them, you leave the protection of the umbrella, and suddenly, you find yourself out in the rain. And it's not a fun place to be.

As far as teaching, my parents have taught me so much. If it weren't for them, I don't know if I'd even know the Lord at this time. They've got a lot more to teach me too, and I'd better not scorn their teaching.

The World
Let's go back to the typical definition of the rebellious teenager, and the world's encouragement to girls to "be themselves". I think it's great to discover who you are! What are your loves, likes / dislikes, passions, quirks, etc.? Those are some great things to know! But I believe you can still be the unique, beautiful, even quirky (and possibly a bit crazy at times) girl that God created you to be...while at the same time, walking with your Savior! Personally, I don't think we need to waste our teenage years struggling to discover our place in this world. We already have it - as daughters of the King! Sure, we may not know exactly where we're going, but that's okay.

End the?
I guess I just want to encourage you not to throw off your parent's authority. Though it can be tough at times, be the first one to apologize. Make sure your parents know you love them...because you know what? I bet you love your parents more than you know. Don't make your teenage years the years that you look back on with regret. You can use these years for the Lord, praising Him, witnessing and living a life to serve Him. You don't have to use these years for rebellion and selfishness.

I know it's hard. But you're only a teenager for a few years...and I hope that my years as a teenager will be used to positively influence others for Christ. Will you hope and pray for the same?



  1. I wanted to add something:
    For those of you who truly want to stay under you're parent's authority, and live you're teenage years for the Lord, I would encourage you to go to a Strong in the Lord conference.
    There are six conferences this year: Rogers, AR (June 25-26); Carrollton, TX (July 9-10); Pataskala, OH (August 12-13); Bloomfield Hills, MI (August 19-20); St. Cloud, MN (October 8-9).

    for more info go to
    I will be traveling with Bright Lights to the one in TX

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Elizabeth! I totally agree! That is so neat you will be traveling with Bright Lights for part of the time! :)
      I'm looking forward to hopefully going to another Bright Lights conference when it comes back to where I live. :)

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    3. Yeah! I have our group picture from the conference in Omaha a couple years ago (you are in it, too!).

      Hey, I shared this post on Google+, and a friend who is doing a Christian photography workshop saw it, and asked if I could find Christian bloggers who would be willing to put his button on their blog. Would you be interested? If so, is there a way I can get the button to you? You can learn more about what he is doing at

    4. Oohhh! That's right! I forgot that I met you at that conference, lol!!!

      Oh, that is really sweet! I checked out his blog, it looks really neat! Would he want me to put it on the sidebar, or would it be okay on the "Blogs I <3 " page? :)

    5. Btw, yes! It would be really neat to keep in contact with you besides blogging. My e-mail is karasiert[at]googlemail[dot]com. :)

    6. Great! I'll email you the button in the morning. I think he would prefer the sidebar, I have one on the sidebar on my blog ( :)

  2. Great post, Kara! You had lots of good things to say. I especially liked this part:

    "Personally, I don't think we need to waste our teenage years struggling to discover our place in this world. We already have it - as daughters of the King! Sure, we may not know exactly where we're going, but that's okay."

    That is so true. I don't think anyone else could've said it better than that. Great job, keep writing!!!

    Love, Haley

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Haley. You are so sweet!


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