Monday, 10 June 2013

A Letter to a Library

To my local library:

You were the first library I truly remember visiting. When I was first starting to read, I always went to the kid's section and checked out Cam Jansen and Pony Pals books. Then I graduated to Nancy Drew. I remember using your wonderful interlibrary loan system until I was able to read the whole series! After about five years of checking out your lovely books, my family moved to England, but when I returned, you were just as I remembered you! I was a little different though - I found out that I was actually taller than the books in your children's section! :)

You were there for me when I decided to start reading again, about a year ago. Thanks for being patient when I failed to return my books on time. Thanks for, most recently, introducing me to some of the most epic books ever - the Candle Man Series and The Gideon Trilogy! I missed you while I was at camp a couple weeks ago - that's why I was so excited to come and visit you several days ago! I admit, I felt a bit confused and a little disappointed when I realized some of your books were missing. I figured it was simply spring (I mean summer) cleaning. When the librarian asked me if I would like to look through some books you were giving away, I gladly obliged. But when I found out you were closing at the end of the month... forever... a sad feeling settled in my stomach and refused to depart. I realized that I won't be able to walk by your shelves, running my fingers over the spines of your book... I won't be able to hear the familiar thump of my books as they tumble into the outside drop box. I won't be able to complain about you being closed on Monday, because you'll be forever closed.

So here's to the good times we have shared. Here's to the books I checked out and read, and even to the books I checked out and, um, didn't read. Here's to the books I thought I wouldn't like, but ended up adoring. Here's to the books I checked out over and over again. Here's to all the books I've borrowed over the years...

Thank you for the opportunity to read so many wonderful books. Thank you for all the years we've spent together. Thank you for encouraging me to love reading. Know that you will be missed.


P.S. Okay, I've gotta admit... the librarians are pretty amazing too. ;)


  1. Aww, that stinks...I'd be so upset if my local library closed. x

    1. Thanks, Emma :) May your local library continue its work for many, many years! :D


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