Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Sky is Up... what else is up?

So... what's up with you?

Besides, the sky, of course. And the movie UP... moving on...
Actually before we move on, I'll just add that I watched UP several times in Spanish for Spanish class... it was very interesting. Mostly, however, I watched Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre, so now I am not used to Rochester (from JE) having a British accent...

Okay, actually moving on now.

My room is currently a mess because I've been trying to find items to consign at the thrift store. Jewelry is strewn all over the carpet, and I should probably pick it all up before bed so I don't kill or seriously injure myself when I get up in the morning... (Up! haha!) 

Recently I've also been shopping for graduation stuff!!! I'm not graduating 'til next year (Lordwilling) but I'm planning to graduate with a friend of mine and we wanted to see if we could find anything on sale. We have chosen our colours (though I'm not sure if I'll keep them a secret until it gets closer to time ;)) and have already found some decorations! 

So I have to ask, do you think I should decorate my graduation hat (if we go with cap and gown)? {To see what I mean, just check Pinterest...} I don't want to do anything too crazy, but some swirly rhine stones might be cool. :) I had better check with my friend, though, and see what she wants to do!

I've also been teaching 5-Day Clubs over the past two weeks (plus this week). If you remember, please say a prayer for our club this week! It's been going pretty well but we haven't gotten any kids from the neighborhood to come yet. Thanks for your prayers!

Now, please tell me... what is up with you?



  1. An idea that I had for mine is writing, "I'm going on an adventure!" (Inspired by "The Hobbit") on the cap.

    1. That's an epic idea! :) Did you already graduate or are you graduating this year? :)

    2. Next year, actually :) I thought it was a great idea too!


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