Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Thoughts on Fourth of July by a Ligyrophobic

(Ligyrophobia - fear of loud noises)

Yes, I am a semi-ligyrophobic (or phonophobic). Needless to say, this interesting condition makes fourth of July very interesting.

In case you are wondering, this is why:

At the moment my neighbors seem to be popping something in the air repeatedly. Since I can't see anything through my closed blinds, I am not very impressed. Ahhh, now there are multiple pops, like several pop guns going off at once! How invigorating! (<-- Btw, I think that's sarcasm) All right, they stopped. 

Anyway. Fourth of July is epic because it celebrates America's independence from Britain! Even though I still think England is cool, I am thankful for America's chance to develop its own government and make a society based on God's law. I am grateful for the blessings God has shown on America throughout the years. {As a semi-aside, the Brits call the "American Revolution" the "War of the Rebellion". It's pretty cute. And true, from their point of view... :)} 

Going briefly back to the subject of ligyrophobia / phonophobia, constant loud noises don't scare me (for example, a loud concert or a loud part of a movie) but sudden noises scare me. (If you know me personally, please do NOT shout, "Boo!" next time you see me. I will freak out, probably have a spazz attack, and possibly injure you as my knee-jerk reaction of revenge. Don't. do. it.) Although, almost worse than the actual noise is the anticipation of the noise... that's why sometimes I break out into a sweat whenever I see little kids playing with balloons or teenagers threatening to pop them. But don't worry - I'm trying to work on my fear and trying to calm down in situations where I may be potentially startled. :) 

{Okay, there was just a loud boom, complete with the rattling sounds of sparkles. Just thought you should know.}

When I celebrate fourth of July and think about America's foundations, it makes me sad to think how much America has lost. We once understood the importance of God and morality, but now many Americans believe that morality is relative to the person, and that God does not exist. It makes me realize that God will probably not bless a country that is disobedient to Him. 

But even with the sad condition of our country today, or with fear of the future, or fear of loud noises, or all three combined, we can still treasure our promise from God written in Psalm 27... "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" (Psalm 27:1, KJV) When we focus on God, who is our light and salvation, the petty fears of this world fall away as we instead fear the Lord, and wonder at His love for us. 

As a bonus thought: even the greatest, largest, loudest, and most beautiful firework cannot compare to our Light of the World - Jesus! :) While we still have time, we need to be telling other people about our Light before it is too late. 

Anyway, enough rambling. Happy fourth of July, girls! :) May you have a great day hanging out with friends and family, and maybe even watching some fireworks! ;) 


P.S. I know I just posted, so if you haven't seen Friday's post about friends, you can check it out here! :)


  1. From Riversbend:
    My fourth of July was great! How was yours? Yes, no one can compare to our saviour Jesus! Psalm 27:1 has been a special verse to me growing up although I have forgotten it lately the past few years!:(

    1. Hey girlie! :) I'm so glad your fourth was great! :) Mine went pretty well too - we went over to our pastor's house and got to hang out with some other people from the church. They had a few fireworks but I survived ;)I looked up the verse you mentioned - it is awesome! :)


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