Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Subject: Bye-bye Summer

I can't believe summer will be over in less than three hours. In some ways I feel like it just began... I remember distinctly my first 5-Day Club which basically represents the beginning of summer for me (despite doing a few extra subjects during school, plus online driver's ed, which sorta felt like school, but not full-blown school...), but it appears that was several months ago, and summer has now come to an end. Or at least it will be (for me) in now approx. 2.5 hours.

Throughout the school year I promised myself I'd do multiple things "during the summer", which helped me not to have an emotional breakdown (or something like that) over the lack of social life I'd experienced during what some people call the "busiest year of high school". I don't remember half of the things I promised myself I'd do, but that's ok, I guess. I was able to work on my book a little bit, teach 5-Day Clubs, and hang out with friends, which were my main goals anyway.

This next year looks insanely busy, so I'm saying goodbye to my social life (aside from extracurricular activities) for the next several months until Christmas break. I'm also hoping to be better at time management this year, which means less blogging, FaceBooking, e-mailing and pinning (yes, I'm on Pinterest. Klarabelle17). We'll see how long my "good intentions" last...

So, in a way, this is a temporary goodbye. I'm not planning to stop blogging, but as you might've noticed, over the summer my postings became more sporadic and less frequent. I still hope to post some photos from the summer but I'm not sure when I'll get the chance...

ANYWAY, I hope you all had a great summer. :) Feel free to comment below and tell me all about it! :) I'll be looking forward to hearing about your school year. I probably won't be reading as many blogs this year, but I will keep you all in my thoughts and try to stop by your spot in the blogosphere whenever I get the chance. Happy schooling!



  1. From Riversbend:
    Hello my friend! It has been a long time! I am praying that your school year will not overwhelm you too much, and that God will give you an amazing year! I am a sophomore this year and I am excited to be able to drive soon! God bless and take care of yourself!:)

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers! :) That is exciting that this is your sophomore year - I hope it goes well!!! :) Have you already gotten your permit? :)

    2. From Riversbend:
      No I haven't yet, but I will soon!

  2. Hey, it's ErinKenobi2893 (at least I'm known by that on the web.... ;-P) And I know what you mean when you say lack of a social life!!! gah, it happens to me too. Farewell to summer! I start my job on Monday. o/ o/ o/ It was a nice summer, while it lasted. ;-P

    1. Hiya! :) Thanks so much for the comment!!! I hope your job is going well - also, sounds like you had a good summer. That's great!!!

  3. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Kara! ;) I awarded you love, check it out:


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