Tuesday, 18 February 2014

i worry because i care

So, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. I will gladly warn you of the dangers of touching rodents, reptiles, dead birds, dog rawhides, and chickens...the dangers of eating raw cookie dough and dippy eggs. (Though I do enjoy my dippy eggs... regardless of the danger...).

Sometimes people don't take me seriously... I admit I'm a city girl and I have never really been around farm animals or livestock for long periods of time. I wash my hands constantly... so much so that I actually cause my skin to become chapped and more susceptible to germs. {A bit of irony there, isn't it?}

Sometimes I'm so scared of hurting myself that my family tells me I'm actually endangering myself with my overdone caution. It's something I'm working on. I don't like cooking because hot surfaces generally terrify me. At parties and retreats, campfires shooting sparks make me nervous.

But when I worry about you, it's because I care. It's because I care about you, and sometimes my language of love is looking out for you. Maybe I worry too much, but sometimes I wish I cared even more.

So the next time someone is overprotective of you, don't think of it as annoying or offensive. The next time someone holds you back instead of letting you go, don't turn around to snap at them. Think of it as their way of telling you that they love you. My friends, they worry because they care.



  1. From Riversbend:
    Neat thoughts! I will try that next time!:)

  2. Kara, this is amazing! :) I know both sides of this feeling, and reading this really made me think. Sometimes, I've snapped back without thinking about why someone might be saying what they're saying, and sometimes, I've been the one who's been called a worry-wart. :)

    You are such an amazing friend, Kara!! Everyone who knows you, (including me!!) are lucky to have someone like you in their lives. <3 :) Love you!!

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for the sweet comment!!! I love you so much - we need to hang out soon! :) <3


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