Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Changes in 2014

The first big change of 2014 is that my family has acquired a new member... a Shichon puppy whom we named Mitzi Belle!!! We just picked her up from the breeder today. She did great on the way home - she was very calm and didn't seem to be too scared of us. When we got back home (after the 4-hour drive) she became very hyper and wanted to play. At the moment she is taking a well-deserved nap. I thought I'd post a couple photos for you to enjoy... smile!

Snuggle time!


This is the first time we've had a dog as a family, and we're very excited! She is very sweet but has been enjoying nibbling our socks (while they are on our feet...) - the usual puppy behavior!!! :)

So this is the first major change of 2014... we don't know what the rest of 2014 will hold, but we know it is in God's hands! So thankful he has entrusted us with this little puppy! (We call her our "fluff-muff", but that is beside the point).

What's new with you?


P.S. I updated the "About" page, if you wanna check it out!!! {My bio photo was two years old... I figured it was time for a change. :)} (so that's the second big change in 2014!) {just kidding}


  1. Ahhh!!!! She is so cute! I can't wait till we can get a dog again.

  2. Oh! She is just too adorable for words!! Loved this post! Love, Kelly-Anne

  3. Too cute! We call our puppy, Rosie, 'Rosie-Posie". Every puppy
    needs a pet name ;)... lol. I am looking forward to what God has in store in the new year as well! ~Jenny H.

  4. From Riversbend:
    Oh how sweet! I am so happy for you!

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, ladies! :)

  6. Oh, so cute! :-) Seeing this makes me miss Diamond all over again... :'-(


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