Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Follow Your Dreams... Unless We Don't Approve of Them, of Course.

{Warning: This post is rather blunt.}

Follow Thy Dreams... or not.

I find it rather ironic that people are all too ready to support me in my endeavours until they found out exactly what they are. Then suddenly they're not interested in what I want, or what I feel God has called me to do - instead they are concerned for my future and are throwing suggestions of doing something - ANYTHING - other than what I plan (Lordwilling).

You see, I've made the decision not to attend college, at least not for a few years. It's socially shocking and apparently rather concerning to the people I meet - even acquaintances who I will most likely never meet again feel it is their duty to impart on me their advice. No answer I give is ever right - if I say that I want to be a stay-at-home wife and mother one day, and therefore don't feel called to pursue a career, then they suggest I should get a degree in teaching of child development. Or they say, "What if you get married, but your husband dies? How will you take care of yourself?" Even if I tell them I do have plans to work at home, they're still concerned that I won't have a paper saying I earned such-and-such a degree at such-and-such a college.

But frankly, my mind's made up. Unless God shows me otherwise, I believe that at the moment He has called me to remain living at home with my family and not to pursue college studies.

Sometimes I think people are worried I'll become some sort of couch potato bum. But I'm pretty sure my parents won't let that happen to me. I hope to learn more about housekeeping and cooking; I hope to work on my latest novel; I hope to have time to disciple and get to know some of the younger ladies in my life; I hope to continue playing music on the praise team at my church, and much more. I won't be bored. So why worry about me?



  1. I loved this post. <3 There's nothing wrong about your choice. Even is said imaginary/future husband dies, your family wouldn't just leave you struggling, would they? ;) doubtful that they would.
    I plan on majoring on English because it's a career that I can still be married and have kids. And just because I enjoy writing enough to pursue it.

  2. Dear Klarabelle,

    This is a wonderful post, I have made this choice too. May the Lord bless you and continue to lead and guide you!


  3. Kara,

    I love this post. :) I am totally knowing exactly how you feel. A while back, when my parents told a family member that I was planning on pursuing a career in Performing Arts they said, "That's nice, but aren't you going to tell her to do something more practical?" I try to take it with a grain of salt, but sometimes it hurts.

    I totally am glad that you are confident in your desicions. :) And, since you're sticking around home for a while, we can hang out lots!!!! :D <3

    RJ <3 Chapel sisters....... ;)

  4. I agree with these sisters ^^^ Congratulations on following the Lord's calling for your life! That's the best, wisest investment and decision you will ever make. Life is short, but eternity is....well. Eternal. :) Know that you are not the only one feeling like this. You have probably heard it all, but you know that the Lord's ways are higher than ours, and who knows what will happen in a life time? When people try to give me "advice" I just nod politely and accept it and move on. :) Your goals are very admirable. Keep follwing Him! -Brydon

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, ladies. You are so encouraging, and it means a lot to me!


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